CYCLE – collective sound performance / workshop

A hands-on exploration of electromagnetic fields.

12.05.2018 6pm  - 9pm

Saturday, May 12th 2018, 6-9 PM, SomoS hosts “CYCLE,” a collective sound performance/workshop, exploring electromagnetic fields.

Drones can be found in all ethnic and spiritual articulations, as well as in the sounds of nature and man-made environments – from a physical point of view, everything around us vibrates at a given frequency.

Therefore, what is called noise in the urban context is actually just a dense layer of vibrations – a different kind of harmony – the ‘hum’ of the industrial city.

These sounds represent the material, the context, and the individual’s social functions.


We will experience collective sound as a full brain and body sensation!

Participants will be divided in groups of seven, and they will perform with induction microphones in order to create a real-time soundscape, acting as an electronic ensemble. Inductions microphones are able to capture the magnetic field of several electronic devices, such as mobile phones or radios, that surround us. Every single microphone will capture and play a simple drone texture that, combined with other sources, will contribute to create a complex and continuously variable sound atmosphere.

The collective performance will be recorded and all the participants will be able to download the audio file for free after the end of the event.

This method has ties with team-building exercises, music therapy and education. Participants will learn about rhythm and melody within their cell, while simultaneously experiencing harmony and dissonance in combination with other cells, resulting in a very satisfying experience at the moment when it all comes together.

In an effort to expand the exploration of electromagnetic fields, we encourage all participants to bring any object that uses electricity as every device has a unique effect on the microphones and thus the performance.

Live stage: Ernesto Cárcamo Cavazos

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