Daphné Boxer

Montréal-based Canadian Curator & Researcher

01.11.2019   - 30.11.2019

Daphné Boxer is an independent curator and researcher based in Montréal, Canada. She has been professionally active in the arts for over 10 years, having worked for museums, nonprofit organizations, art galleries and institutions.

Boxer’s curatorial work is largely focused on art forms that exist in the interstices between architecture, urban planning, and new technologies. Fascinated with moments of transition, and related themes like adaptation, confrontation and resistance, she is especially interested in the strategies employed by artists to either resist or infiltrate systems in place; such as governance, communication, surveillance and economy.

As we have entered a new cycle of technological revolution arising out of the digital world and rapid advances in computing algorithms and autonomous robotics, I’m interested in the resulting emergence of new forms of space, types of ‘’dematerialized infrastructure,” that act as operating systems and participate in the physical shaping of our cities.

Daphné Boxer, Artist’s Statement


Through her curatorial residency at SomoS, she is conducting a program of research on Post-Soviet urban planning and the impact of new technologies on the development of these cities. Taking inspiration from the Greek term Ecotone used to describe a site of tension or a place where two ecosystems meet, e.g. land and sea.

Her attraction to Berlin as a site of research stems from her interest in the history of urban planning in cities that have been influenced by polarizing shifts of ideology. While in Berlin, Boxer plans to conduct research on the recent revitalization of the Haus der Statistic; a project that aims for reactivation through artistic initiatives and citizen mobilization of the famous abandoned building on Alexanderplatz, as it is transformed into affordable social housing. She also will conduct studio visits with Berlin-based artists such as Nina Canell, Simon Denny and Christopher Kulendran Thomas. Through different approaches, these artists explore themes connected to urban design, new economic models and dematerialized infrastructures.

After completing a Bachelor of Art History at Université Du Québec à Montréal in 2010, she received a Certificate in English Literature, from San Francisco University and a Minor in Intermedia Cyber Art at Concordia University. She then founded VIE D’ANGE in 2016; a transformed auto body garage that now hosts an exhibition space, providing a broad framework for curatorial activities, focusing on supporting intimate and ambitious site specific artists projects. She has led many high level curatorial projects at VIE D’ANGE, and has an extensive exhibition history both in native Canada and internationally, including the group show When things become thoughts: a sinkhole in my terraformed mind at MAW Gallery in New York, in 2017.