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Sian Williams

Cinema Conversación LGBTQ*
Sian Williams

Für die dritte Ausgabe der LGBTQ*-Reihe von Cinema Conversación, die am 14. Dezember 2018 stattfindet, präsentiert SomoS das filmische Gedicht Church & Other Dirty Words von Sian Williams: Queer-feministische Filmaufnahmen, die Brad Co ...

Tinsel Angels – Sophia Zarders Tinsel Angels – Sophia Zarders

Tinsel Angels - Sophia Zarders

SomoS freut sich, die Ausstellung „Tinsel Angels“ präsentieren zu dürfen. Die Einzelausstellung mit Gemälden und Zeichnungen der aktuellen Artist-in-Residence Sophia Zarders findet vom 14. bis 17. November 2018 statt. (Eröffnungsempfang: 13 ...

Un_Becoming Un_Becoming


Für die Gruppenausstellung “Un_Becoming”, die vom 23. Oktober bis 03 November 2018 in SomoS Art House in Berlin zeitgleich mit dem Berlin PornFilmFestival stattfindet, sind vom SomoS-Kuratorenteam Künstler eingeladen Performances und Instal ...

Opening Reception: November 13th 2018, 6-9pm
November 14-17, 2018, 2-7pm, and by appointment.
SomoS is proud to present Tinsel Angels, a solo exhibition of paintings, illustrations and animation, by current Artist-in-Residence Sophia Zarders. Zarders has created emotional self-portraits that reflect a deep infatuation and respect for religious imagery and pop culture, alluding to her experience as a Black American in Berlin with the anticipation of returning to a tumultuous land.

Opening Reception: November 20th 2018, 6-9pm
November 21 -24, 2018, 2-7pm, and by appointment
SomoS is proud to present Here, a solo exhibition by current Artist-in-Residence Linda Post (US). “Here! builds upon the artist’s psychogeographic exploration of Berlin’s creative and intellectual history, following unseen paths and discovering forgotten spaces. This creative research forms the basis of an immersive interactive installation employing video and software, that interlinks the present and the past.

Sian Williams – Church & Other Dirty Words
December 14th 2018, 6:30 pm
For the third edition of the Cinema Conversación LGBTQ* series of screenings/artist’s talks, SomoS presents the cinematic poem Church & Other Dirty Words by Sian Williams: A queer-feminist take on adapting a collection of queer poetry by Brad Cohen to the screen.


Marguerite Harris, light experimentation session, SomoS, August 2018
Aritst-in-Residence Marguerite Harris (Paris) working at SomoS, August 2018
Applications for SomoS Berlin Artist-in-Residence Program 2019 are now accepted. Inquiries for specific periods are welcome and residents will be accepted on a rolling basis. Earliest availabilities are December 2018 and January 2019. Visiting Researchers/Academics/Writers’ periods are minimally 1 month; Artists’ periods minimally 3 months. More information ->


Hanae Moreno
Pedro Moreiera
Ming Lu
Angus McCullough
Leora Fridman
Linda Post
Sophia Zarders
Pascal Glissmann
Marguerite Harris
Alexei Gordin
Bianca Tainsh
Alessandré Petzer
Angela Flury
Lara Salmon
Magalie Guérin
Anahita Norouzi
Anne Frobeen
Anna Laing-Fraser
Joaquin Margulis Luchsinger
Mari Nagem
Anastasia Leonova
Syed Shoaib Mahmood
Todd Reece Johnson
Kang Dasom
Cho Hyan Soo
Seung Joon Choi

SomoS is happy to welcome several new artists to its Berlin Artist-in-Residence Program this Fall.
London-based multidisciplinary artist Ming Lu employs techniques such as photography and performance, examining social and cultural expectations from a female perspective.
The techniques used by Angus McCullough (New York) range from video, writing, music, performance, assemblage, architecture, to the occult. During his residency in Berlin, he aims to create work that challenge our notions of “time.”
Californian artist Sophia Zarders is an illustrator and comic artist who combines diverse media. Her main project during her stay, is to write and illustrate a multi-media graphic novel.
Multimedia artist and educator Linda Post (Texas) joins SomoS from September 2018. She is working towards an interactive installation containing video, sound, and performance. This residency takes place within her sabbatical year.

Kottbusser Damm 95
10967 Berlin


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