Touch me Tenderly is a solo exhibition by SomoS Artist-in-Residence Sophie Morrow (AU), featuring the dance performance Americum by invited artists Ainsley Tharp and Nathaniel Moore (USA). Both pieces involve the body, sexuality, sensuality and their links to broader society in a dynamic similar to Barthes’ readerly/writerly theory.
Opening Reception: Tuesday July 23rd, 6-9pm
Duration: Wednesday July 24th – Saturday July 27th, 2-7pm or by appointment.
Entry free

Your Perception May Not Be My Reality
Performance artist clad in cut raw vegetables, holding a knife to their arm.
Performance: Anders Tougaard. Photo: Monika-Deimling for PAS – Performance Art Studies
A unique chance to take part in the acclaimed Performing Art Studies in Berlin under the pedagogical, artistic and technical guidance by experienced artist and performance art professor BBB Johannes Deimling.
Closing date for applications 15. July 2019.


Marguerite Harris, light experimentation session, SomoS, August 2018
Aritst-in-Residence Marguerite Harris (Paris) working at SomoS, August 2018

Applications for SomoS Berlin Artist-in-Residence Program 2019/2020 are now accepted. Inquiries for specific periods are welcome and residents will be accepted on a rolling basis. More information ->



SomoS is happy to welcome several new artists to its Berlin Artist-in-Residence Program 2019.
Jillian Lauren Goodwin is an installation and video artist, authentic movement dancer, and creative arts therapist based in Brooklyn, New York. Aware of how the body processes creativity and imagination, she engages in a hands-on and engaged critique of the barriers created by modern care systems.
Teiko Ang Zheng is a visual artist born in Xiamen, P.R. China. He lives and works in Chicago IL, USA, where he uses the medium of photography to explore the queer community and other marginalized groups, as well as Western post-modern society at large.
Corrina Berndt (Melbourne, Australia) is a multi-media artist who approaches the concept of the video screen as an experimental space, exploring experiences in relation to the body. Her artistic mediums span sculpture, collage and video.
Mikhail Haramati is an American painter based in Sacramento, CA, USA, who draws inspiration from her memory and her own photographs, thematizing often unseen environmental processes.
Jameson Grant is a painter based in New York whose work represents a casualist, personal reinterpretation of classic painting tropes.
Casey Tang (b. 1984, NY) is pursuing a Masters of Science in Art, Culture and Technology at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Complex relational theories between nature, the social and the technological frame Tang’s research, which he applies to create actions, experiences, objects and installations.
Sophie Morrow (1993) is an artist from Melbourne, Australia, whose multidisciplinary approach focuses on sexual identities, the language of desire, and performativity.


SomoS, Kottbusser Damm 95, 10967 Berlin


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