J.Jackie Baier

Noted German art photographer and documentary filmmaker J.Jackie Baier presents us with a deeply personal and unglamorized view of Berlin’s sexual underground, moving with her camera through the city’s clubs, brothels, bars and streets. Baier, who moved to Berlin in 1993 and officially became a woman in 1997, portrays in a non-voyeuristic way the lives of Berlin’s transsexual prostitutes, drag queens and other “misfits”.

Baier’s two recent films have documented the lives of noted Berlin transsexuals.
“JULIA” is both an art photography portfolio as well as a celebrated and lauded 2013 full length documentary film about a Lithuanian Berlin streetwalker.
“House of Shame / Chantal All Night Long” is a film/photo project spanning a period of ten years in the life of Chantal, Berlin club hostess and queer icon.
Another work group, “Berliner Fleisch,” intimately depicts the world of transsexual prostitution. Exhibited to critical acclaim at several European art institutions, they provoked controversial media reactions.
The artist’s portraits show her interests in a broader political discourse, dealing with „migration as movement between countries, classes and sexes.“ Aiming to achieve its right of visual representation, Baier shows the invisible face of gender migration.
Her work has been compared to artists like Nan Golding, Jack Smith and Kenneth Anger, for the way she portrays (and exemplifies) a highly talented, unadapted, sexually anarchic urban subculture.

Selected Solo Exhibitions:
Aviv Int. LGBT Film Festival – House of Shame Selection, Tel Aviv
„Nocturnes“, Kunstraum Richard Sorge, Berlin, Germany
„The Portrait Project“, warehouse 9 / Danish Arts Council, CopenhagenDK
„Sehnsucht“, Galerie Lichtpunkt / Ambacher Contemporary, Munich, Germany
„Hole Lotta Love/Loch voll Liebe“, FENZ Kunstraum, Cologne, Germany
„Berliner Fleisch“, warehouse 9, Copenhagen, Denmark
„Berliner Fleisch“, FENZ Kunstraum, Cologne, Germany
„We Will Fall“, Art & Henle, Berlin, Germany

Selected Group Shows:
“Rule 34”, SomoS, Berlin, Germany
Alter Angle – Berlin Fashion Week Artists’ Spotlight 2013, SomoS, Berlin, Germany
2012 „Art 4 Social Change“, Warehouse9, Copenhagen, Denmark
“Not a Car”, Los Angeles Art Association, Los Angeles, USA
European Photography Month: Streeple, Kunstraum Richard Sorge, Berlin, Germany
Jahresausstellung Agency Yorckberlin, Berlin, Germany
„Transit“, Jahresausstellung der Gedok-München, Pasinger Fabrik, Munich, Germany
„Perspektiven“, curated by W. Koppelman, Galerie Engler, Berlin, Germany
„SEXWORK“, NGBK, Haus am Kleistpark, Kunstraum Kreuzberg, Berlin, Germany
„Vabanque – Spielarten des Körpers“, pgal, Berlin, Germany
„La Revoluzione Siamo Noi“, Barbie Deinhoff, Berlin, Germany

Art Fair Participations:
La Crèche, Berliner Kunstsalon, Berlin, Germany
III. Contemporary Art Ruhr, Essen, Germany (catalog)
Preview Berlin, Germany 2009 (curator: Edmund Piper)
III. Tease Art Fair, Cologne, Germany (catalog)
II. Tease Art Fair, Cologne, Germany (catalog)
V. Berliner Kunstsalon (catalog)
II. Contemporary Art Ruhr, Essen, Germany (catalog)
I. Tease Art Fair, Cologne, Germany (catalog)
I. Jam Art, Palma de Mallorca, Span (catalog)
Berliner Liste 07, Berlin, Germany (catalog)
I. Contemporary Art Ruhr, Essen, Germany (catalog)
III.Berliner Kunstsalon, Berlin, Germany (catalog)

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Private collections in Berlin, Hamburg, Köln, Copenhagen, Potsdam, Munich.