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During the 2016 Berlinale Film Festival, SomoS and San Francisco-based film company 13th Gen present “Showing Out: Cheryl Dunye,” a lively and loving look back at Berlinale and its influence on Queer Cinema through the works of award winning writer/director Cheryl Dunye.


Fixation – Körper & Sexualität im Kunstfilm SomoS’ Ausstellung “Fixation – Körper & Sexualität im Kunstfilm” zeigt Werke von Shu Lea Cheang, Bruce LaBruce, James Bidgood, Jack Mitchell, Krefer & Turca, MuD. Die Gruppenausstellung zeichnet anhand von Kunstfotografie, Filmstills, “Behind-the-scenes” Bildmaterial und Aushangfotos nach, welche Rolle der nackte Körper und sexuelle Identität über die Jahre […]

J.Jackie Baier - Sophya

J.Jackie Baier

Noted German art photographer and documentary filmmaker J.Jackie Baier presents us with a deeply personal and unglamorized view of Berlin’s sexual underground, moving with her camera through the city’s clubs, brothels, bars and streets. Baier, who moved to Berlin in 1993 and officially became a woman in 1997, portrays in a non-voyeuristic way the lives […]