Diego Miguel

Visual Artist

01.11.2016   - 31.12.2016

Born in Brazil and raised in Brooklyn, painter Diego Miguel has been active as creative director, art director and designer for fifteen years. Since the last five years, while living in NYC, he has been developing his own personal creative projects and eventually decided to quit his design career and get on the road to focus on his art. Since March 2016, he has been on a nomadic artistic journey, discovering and being influenced by places and cultures from all over the world. Miguel spent time in countries such as Ukraine, Israel, Palestine, Jordan, and Germany to thoroughly explore political art, media and social issues.

Diego Miguel in his SomoS atelier (Photo courtesy Zack Soltes)


Deeply involved in the sociopolitical aspects of our modern lives, Diego Miguel’s art combines found materials and painting. Two main subjects of Miguel’s current work are Social Uprising VS Government & Media Control, and the psychological diseases caused by modern life.

Artist Statement:

My artistic practice analyzes how power affects our subjectivity, subjecting it to law and hegemonic behavior. The main resources that I use in my work are to analyze and leverage the same resources and techniques used by my object of study.
My objective is to raise awareness, and not let the conversation about this historical moment of Social Uprising fade away. But at the same time, to understand how to navigate a sea of misleading information.

Diego Miguel, Artist’s Statement