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Gallery Walk


As part of the “Gallery Walk” of the 4th Global Diplomacy Lab 2016, taking place June 9-12 2016 in Berlin, SomoS presented a loosely curated private art show to the international participants, mapping the intercultural dialog enabled by SomoS’ exhibitions, Artist-in-Residence program, workshops and educational activities.

Participants were invited to pick an art object and explain how it relates to their personal and/or professional background and/or the 4th Global Diplomacy Lab conference topic “Do the Ends Justify the Means? The Significance of International Law and Moral Standards in Diplomacy.”

About the art presentation:

SomoS’ unique architectural and programmatic mix has in its first three years proven to be a fertile breeding ground for international cultural and artistic encounters. This was enabled by factors such as
-> an engaged curatorial representation of the multicultural character of Berlin and its art scene,
-> the input from a busy exchange through SomoS’ Artists-in-Residence and academic guests,
-> the enthusiastic engagement from young participants in international internship partnerships,
all centered around an exhibition program that incorporates artist from around the world.

SomoS’ various exhibition projects have explored a wide range of cultures and diasporas. Exhibitions by conceptual fashion artists Jerome Chazeix and California-based Bosnian-born craft artist Jasko Begovic explored the spirituality and aesthetic of India. The exhibition “Facets of Iran” explores a common interest in transcendence through body rituals shared between Western avant-garde performance artists and anthropologists and Eastern mystics. An earlier, widely popular show presented graffiti and youth culture with a Persian background. Already various Japanese group shows have explored cuteness, naughtiness and a very specific Japanese Angst. The “Satellite” exhibition proposed new interpretations of Berlin’s omnipresent satellite dish. The precarious life of a genius Ukrainian fashion designer was the subject of a photo series by the Synchrodogs photographers duo. Acclaimed Dutch photographer Ari Versluis presented the multicultural dress codes from various societal tribes.

Presented Artists:
Gert-Jan Akerboom (Germany)
J.Jackie Baier (Germany)
Ingrid Bittar (Brasil / Germany)
Jasko Begovic (USA)
Jerome Chazeix (Germany)
Kiddy Citny (Germany)
Nika Fontaine (Canada)
Synchrodogs (Ukraine)
Tulip Enterprises (Germany)
Guillaume Kashima (France/Germany)
Ari Versluis / Exactitudes Netherlands
Andre Wakko (Brasil/Germany)

About the Global Diplomacy Lab:

The nature of diplomacy is evolving. It is no longer the strict purview of national governments and international organizations. The Global Diplomacy Lab is a platform for exploring a new and more inclusive diplomacy that goes beyond traditional politics. Creative professionals from various fields are thus needed to explore new tools of communication on the basis of mutual trust and to re-formulate an agenda for collective action. What should diplomacy look like in the future? Which competences do we need in order to define our scope of action more precisely? These are questions that the Federal Foreign Office, under the patronage of Federal Foreign Minister Dr Frank-Walter Steinmeier and in partnership with the BMW Stiftung Herbert Quandt, the Robert Bosch Stiftung, the Stiftung Mercator and the Global Leadership Academy of the giz, are eager to investigate with outstanding members of their networks from all continents.

The Global Diplomacy Lab is managed by a Secretariat based in the Federal Foreign Office and is responsible for organizing regular meetings worldwide and fostering a permanent dialogue between partners, alumni and external stakeholders.

More information on the 4th Global Diplomacy Lab:
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