SomoS guests May 2015, Vienna-based artists Anita Duller & Hannah Stippl have collaborated under the label Duller/Stippl since 2010. The techniques used in their joint work are painting, installation and the design of perennial beds. Important to the duo is the research into visual patterns and the exploration of plants, their cultural and artistic use and significance.

Referencing the ready-made, artificiality, gender, and the history and taboos of decorative painting, their paintings made with pattern rollers evoke an ambiguous impression of the natural. Without recourse to mimetic natural structures, the work invites extensive botanical and art-historical associations, ranging from Feminist-art, Pattern-Painting to Land-art.

Their installations and plantings, based on their scenic work, create a dense atmosphere of blooming flowers and thriving plants. As trans-disciplinary work is the basic principle of Duller/Stippl, their collaboration provides the possibility to negotiate the contents both of their scientific, curatorial and artistic approach.


Anita Duller (* 1975 in Weissenbach, Austria)
studied Landscape Design at the University of Applied Arts Vienna. Her main interest is in the process-oriented development of designs for garden and landscape and the photographic and filmic observation of plants and plantings. Since 2013 she is Assistent Professor at the University of Applied Arts Vienna, Landscape Art | Tony Heywood, Tim Richardson, Martha Schwartz and coordinator of the Chelsea Fringe Vienna 2014.

Hannah Stippl (* 1968 in Vienna, Austria)
studied Graphics at the University of Applied Arts Vienna, where she currently teaches in the Departement of Landscape Art. In her artistic work she questions habits and aberrations of perceptions of plants and nature. As a curator and landscape theorist she focuses on questions of aesthetics and participation, dealing with plant breeding, derelicted landscapes, gamescapes, and new possibilities of landscape perception such as Google Earth.

Recent Projects (selection)
2015 Hybrids. Envisioning Paradise. Solo-Exhibition, Salon am Moritzplatz, Berlin (D)
2015 Guest @ Elam School of Fine Arts, Auckland (NZ)

2014 Paint before you plant! Workshop & Exhibition, KAUST, Saudi Arabia (SA)
2014 Chelsea Fringe Vienna, Festival organisation (A)

2013 (Landscape) with Flowers. Exhibition IG Bildende Kunst, Vienna (A) and Coldhouse, Botanical Garden Vienna (A)
2013 (Landscape) with Flowers. Reader (E|D) to the exhibition. With contributions by George Gessert, Eduardo Kac, Noel Kingsbury et al.
2013 The Flowerbeds. Solo-Exhibition, Artenne Nenzing (A)
2013 Mural, Geffreye Museum, Chelsea Fringe, London (UK)

2012 Paint before you plant! Workshop, Chelsea Fringe, London (UK)
2012 Garten Nutzen Ziehen. Exhibition, Artenne Nenzing (A)
2012 Young ART Lounge. Exhibition, Zürcher Kantonalbank, Vienna (A)
2012 G3 Shopping- Resort, Planting and Murals, Gerasdorf (A)

2011 Hosta Superstar – a horticultural installation, with Tony Heywood, Botanical Garden Vienna (A)

2010 – 2014 Work in Progress, Ernst Arnold Park, Vienna (A)

2009 Die Lesbarkeit der Brache, Exhibition, Botanical Garden Vienna (A)

Homepage: www.duller-stippl.net