Edurne Herrán

Multidisciplinary artist.

22.06.2018   - 24.06.2018

Edurne Herrán’s art is directly connected to everyday life, encounters and communication between individuals. Public participation provides meaning to much of her work and endows it with a performative nature. She is interested in clothing understood as a social code and powerful receptacle of communicative symbols. Aware of how new technologies and the Internet catalyze and magnify emotional states, she uses these new social systems and communication dynamics to contextualize her ideas.

Herrán’s multidisciplinary work includes techniques such as photography, performance, embroidery, sculpture and painting and ongoing social experiments. SomoS has invited her to exhibit her work Futuro Perfecto in the group show Personae. In this work, Herrán alludes to multiple personality disorder, creating several identities parallel to her own, and performing them in real life, thus transforming her persona to society. Depending on the day, she may introduce herself as Edurne, Miren, Edelweiss, Inge-Liva, Alicia, Ludovika, Cayetana, Nieves, Elvira, Rosi or even Andoni: characters with radically different hairstyles, clothing and attitudes that lead to different responses from people. Each one of these fictional personalities are actually extensions of facets contained in the artist’s identity, and are emphasized to develop versions of her self.

During the last two years, Herrán has been conducting and recording several social experiments: since October 2014, she performs her variety of personalities in future-reading rituals (by means of tarot, palmistry and clairvoyance). She shows that her reading is different depending on her appearance, despite being the same person; she sends CVs as two of her characters (Miren and Edurne, twin sisters) to the same job offer in order to assess who has the greater chance of getting the job.

Edurne Herrán lives and works in Berlin. The degrees she holds include an MFA in Art, Creation and Research from Compultense University of Madrid as well as an MA in Contemporary Photography & Personal Projects from EFTI in Madrid. In 2017, she was a resident at Art Shake in Utrecht, the Netherlands. She holds a range of awards, including the Emergencias ’16 Award from Noaín Cultural center, Navarra, Spain and the Arte en vivo Award (2016) from Cátedra DKV Art & Health. Faculty of Fine Arts, Valencia, Spain.

Besides working as an artist, Herrán also delivers conferences and conducts workshops, and has been a teacher of the HND in Art & Design at TAI – Transforming Arts Institute, Madrid School of the Arts. Her work is included in the ATRIUM Museum Collection as well as the Montehermoso Cultural Center, both located in Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain.

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