Elena Tejada-Herrera

trans-disciplinary artist

23.10.2017   - 29.10.2017

Elena Tejada-Herrera is a trans-disciplinary artist that was born in Peru and is known for her work in performance-, social- and multidisciplinary arts. Her work promotes the participation of the public, employing different art disciplines as well as non-artistic practices into the artwork. These means have been, among others, paint, drawing, video, sculpting materials and techniques and any combination of these.

I work as a trans-disciplinary artist creating hybrid artworks, videos and interactive multimedia participatory installations. The contexts and conditions in which I live have been determinant and influenced the way in which I approach the creative process. I have a background both as a performance artist and as a painter. I aim to extend the art practice into the realms of real life experiences and its reciprocal influence. I am interested in the way communication systems and modes of production affect the way in which we create, perform and interact with each other.
I have created video art works that focused on the body and its cultural presence within patriarchy. I also investigate the relationship between Queer art and feminism.
I am interested in subjects such as the gaze, power relations, and alternative ways of relating facilitated through the creation of spaces for the experience of group dynamics and interactions.
I see my practice as cultural exchanges, where I learn from my audience, and their information feeds the artwork. While working on participatory installations and performances I share with the public my knowledge of different media that I make available to them.
I created these spaces in the United States, Peru and in Europe. Some installations included software, soft sculpting, murals, photographs, etc. Within these participatory installations the public had an active creative role. I also created landscape interventions, paintings and telephone conversations as art.
Many of these pieces have a strong performative aspect.

Elena Tejada-Herrera,Artist’s Statement


Elena Tejada-Herrera’s video “Intimacy” (from the Art with an MBA series) is presented at The Beholder group exhibition at SomoS, October 23-29, 2017. The 3 minutes and 44 seconds video conflates scenarios of sexual- and economic crisis.
“Everything is connected,” Tejada-Herrera states, “our sexual being exists within a capitalist society within a global economy. Uncertainty follows, but we are survivors, and despite our struggles to survive we strive for human and sexual connections. There is a moment for hope while the light provides calm…”

Recorded with a selfie stick, the short video has an exhibitionist character, while addressing the public’s gaze. It presents a window into Tejada-Herrera’s sexual failures and attempts to establish sexual connections, featuring both real sexting and virtual sexual fantasizing with a girlfriend.
“The camera gives me power. I control the gaze by the act of framing my own image, which is at the same time offered for consumption. I exist within fluidity. My audience is of any gender and any sexuality. But since I don’t perceive the body as sacred, this image is fresh, and unapologetic. It is the happy image of a woman enjoying herself, and sharing this enjoyment through art. Her enjoyment comes from sharing her failures while looking at the future as provider of more opportunities for unknown encounters and enjoyment. She is beyond her failures because it is all about self-love. She knows how to laugh at herself. And there is nothing more celebratory than sharing it. I want to share this celebration with the audience and to generate a collective empathy through humor.”

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