Esben Holk

creative coding, browser-based experiences and performative strategies

23.10.2017   - 29.10.2017

Esben Holk from HOUSEOFKILLING is a BFA graduate from the Bergen Academy of Art and Design 2017, with a background in creative coding, browser-based experiences and performative strategies.

As an artist, Holk “is concerned with the absence of ontological density in the material and notional existence of produced entities, such as the queer, he has been researching the agility of the proposed borders that define such objects. Vehemently anti-essentialist and anti-naturalist, the posthuman artist proactively approaches the sensation of being a lost entity as a weapon in a revolution.”

The Cyber and Material Character:

During The Beholder group show, SomoS presents a live link to “The Cyber and Material Character:,” a lhybrid live/online project and group show by Elly Clarke, Lena Chen, Stephanie Ballantine and Esben Holk at FKK (FotoKlub Kollektiv), Berlin. Both projects explore similar thematic interests, such as the connection between artistic labor, sex work, and the commodification of intimacy and identity in the digital age.

The premise of weplay4unow: Four online characters appear together in the material world, offering to you a chance to play. They test the boundaries of the ‘Cyboptican’: an action office of computers and webcams. They attempt to invert the gaze that is inherent to their Labor. The room is a set for the action to occur. The actions are instances of play. Buy an action and watch, be watched, watch together, or let us all be watched. (I see, you see, we see, they see). Choose a player and pay for their work. Or choose a task and select who you would like to perform it.

While some actions play into the notion of art and artists as objects of consumption, others “actions” challenge the notion of passive viewership as the spectator is asked to become a performer in the work. The durational performance runs from October 21st to November 4th.

An installation featuring a station with a computer screen with a live broadcast from the gallery space of FotoKlub Kollektiv is set up at The Beholder, in which characters from The Cyber and Material Character will be available to perform actions at the direction of spectators visiting The Beholder.

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The Cyber and Material Character: