AAA collective - Utopias: Navigating Without Coordinates

Scope Sessions 89 – AAA Collective & A MAZE

Artist Talks & Media Salon
from: 13.02.2020

Two almost nude young white males, wrestling on asphalt road.

The Zero – Juan Pablo Cámara & Zander Porter

Performance / Vorspiel Festival
from: 23.01.2020

Mindbuffer: ORACLE audio-visual installation

Scope Sessions 88 – MindBuffer & Ramses Salas

Artist Talks & Media Salon
from: 04.12.2019

Performance AKIN by Riako Napitupulu by Diana Juneck, pictures an Asian young woman in white dress, sitting on a wooden bench outside, bound in ropes in the flyer for Art See Ocean Gallery.

Art See Ocean Gallery & AIR

AIR Presentation & Performance
from: 23.11.2019

Visitors looking at the paintings of Jan Verbruggen in his SomoS atelier.

Open Studios Neukölln 2019

SomoS Open Studios Black Jaguar & Jan Verbruggen
from: 15.11.2019
to: 16.11.2019

Media-arty graphics in the Scope Session flyer.

Scope Sessions #87 – David Leroy & Kat Austen

Artist Talks & Media Salon
from: 31.10.2019

Glitched abstract media art video still, from Apparatus’ Memories.

Scope Sessions #86 – Fabrizio Poltronieri / Rita Eperjesi

Artist Talks & Media Salon
from: 09.10.2019

Scope Sessions audience in attendance.

Scope Sessions #85

Artist Talks & Media Salon
from: 11.09.2019

Your Perception May Not Be My Reality

Performance Evening
from: 09.08.2019

Performance artist Alison Matthews in a classical Greek dress in front of two audience members.

The Cabaret is a Prison / The Cabaret is a Paradise

Performative Lecture by Alison Matthews
from: 25.06.2019

Audience of a media art event.

Scope Sessions #84

Artist Talks & Media Salon
from: 12.06.2019


Exhibition of the Lette Verein Berlin Photography Class
from: 10.05.2019
to: 11.05.2019

Flyer for the Scope Sessions media salon 83 at SomoS.

Scope Sessions #83

Viviana Druga & Rachid Moro
from: 08.05.2019

female artist speaking in front of video projection.

Scope Sessions #82

Tanya Harris & Dongyan Chen
from: 10.04.2019

Erotic film manipulated by live scanning.

Cinema Conversación LGBTQ* #6: Stefan Mildenberger

Screening & Artist's Talk
from: 04.04.2019

Young artist Jacob Anthony dressed in jockstrap performing in gallery in a huge field of roses.

Wild Lion – Jacob Antony (AUS)

from: 28.03.2019

Nahum performing at the Berlin Scope Sessions.

Scope Sessions #81

Artist's Talk & Media Salon
from: 06.03.2019

Geldwaesche presentation at SomoS.

Geldwäsche: Research for the Bermuda Triangle

Regina Mamou and Lara Salmon
from: 26.02.2019

Collage combining a withered rose with technological structures.

Scope Sessions #80

Sofia Crespo & Florence Razoux
from: 06.02.2019

Theater performance in which a cameraman in stylish tracksuit films a bald shaven young man crawling on all fours.

Cinema Conversación LGBTQ* #5: Zander Porter

Artist talk, Performance, and Video-art
from: 31.01.2019

Performance artist in font of audience in art gallery.

Vorspiel 2019: Affect/Effect – Performance Prosthesis

Curated by Zander Porter (XenoEntities Network)
from: 28.01.2019

A crane folded out of paper, sitting on the ledge of an old bathtub.

The Crane Wives

Performance/Interactive Installation
from: 11.01.2019

3D rendering of a male and female figure against a black void.

Cinema Conversación LGBTQ* #4

Lily Scherlis, Anna-Lea Schmitt, Nora Smith
from: 10.01.2019

A layered collage of code and nude sci-fi figures listening to speakers.

Scope Sessions #79

Artist's Talks and Media Salon
from: 09.01.2019

The Kreuzberg Underground Comic Showcase at SomoS gallery.

Kreuzberg Underground Comic Showcase

Hosted by Christopher Sperandio
from: 19.12.2018

Sound artist Andrea Neumann demonstrating her art at SomoS gallery space.

Die Reihe: Andrea Neumann

Concert and Artist's Talk
from: 17.12.2018

The flyer for Cinema Convercation LGBTQ by Sian Williams at SomoS shows a passionate embrace by two nude naked bodies.

Cinema Conversación LGBTQ*: Sian Williams

Screening & Artist Talk
from: 13.12.2018

Scope Sessions #78

Artist Talks & Media Salon
from: 12.12.2018

Cinema Conversación LGBTQ* #2: Teo Vlad – Transbiology

Artist Talk, Screening
from: 08.11.2018

Scope Sessions #77

Kate Chen & Mila Chiral
from: 07.11.2018

Performance artist in font of audience in art gallery.

The Crane Wives

from: 11.10.2018
to: 12.10.2018

The flyer for the Scope sessions edition 76 shows the technological beings of media artist Pascal Glissmann and a portrait of sound designer and composer Michael Reiley McDermott.

Scope Sessions #76

artist talks & media salon
from: 10.10.2018

Flickery loop of B&W SomoS logo as old film clip.

Cinema Conversación LGBTQ* #1: Nicky Miller

Screening, Reading & Artist's Talk
from: 04.10.2018

Work by SomoS artists at the Positions booth of Galerie van Cauwelaert.

Galerie van Cauwelaert Presents SomoS

Positions Berlin Art Fair 2018
from: 26.09.2018
to: 29.09.2018

Anamnesi is a collaboration between choreographer Marta Antonucci aka Kiraly, musician Eugenio Petrarca, and visual artist T.S. Sanchez. Pictured are the female dancers surrounded by an audience seated on the floor, gazing up.

Anamnesi – Interactive Performance

Marta Antinucci, Eugenio Petrarca & T.S. Sanchez
from: 13.09.2018

A young male and female audience listening intently to a female artists speaking at the Scope Sessions #75 at SomoS gallery space.

Scope Sessions #75

Andrea Familiari/ & ANNA Z.
from: 12.09.2018

Allesandré Petzer's Black & White photo made in Berlin Charlottenburg presents a grainy architectural detail.

Writer’s Talk & Reading – Angela Flury

Entry Free
from: 08.08.2018

Day-glo colored zen style flyer for PALA Lab event, showing a floating table and cups

PALA LAB – Collective Affairs

International Laboratory & Exhibition
from: 03.08.2018

PALA Talk: Jeanno Gaussi

Artist Talk
from: 02.08.2018

Pala Talk

PALA Talk: Tita Salina & Irwan Ahmett

Artist Talk
from: 01.08.2018

Utopian Union

PALA Talk: Utopian Union

Artist Talk
from: 31.07.2018

Cairo Bats

PALA Talk: Cairo Bats

Artist Talk
from: 30.07.2018

Set of the Disrupter X "anti-opera" showing props, video projection and instruments.

PALA Talk: The Disrupter X Project

Artist Talk
from: 29.07.2018

Magalie Guérin Artist Talk

French-Canadian painter Magalie Guérin
from: 16.07.2018

Noah Fields – WITH, Poetry Book Launch/Reading

from: 10.07.2018

Scope Sessions #74

Amberscope / M. Kardinal & Monocube
from: 09.05.2018

Sensing the Perfumer: Geza Schoen

Sensing the Perfumer: Geza Schoen

Work Presentation/Artist Talk
from: 02.05.2018

Anna Laing-Fraser - Building Character

Anna Laing-Fraser – Building Characters

work presentation & artist talk
from: 24.04.2018

Scope Session #73 - Media-art Salon and Artist Talks at SomoS

Scope Sessions #73

Julia Charlotte Richter & Sarah Oh-Mock
from: 11.04.2018

artists meetup, Berlin artist residency, SomoS

AIR Network Meetup: Glogauair at SomoS

Art Residency Network Meetup #2
from: 10.04.2018
to: 10.04.2018

SomoS Artist Talks

Anna Laing-Fraser, Joaquin Luchsinger, Mari Nagem, Syed Shoaib Mahmood
from: 12.03.2018

Scope Sessions #72

Nick Meehan & Tarik Barri
from: 07.03.2018

Seung Joon Choi – Paintings

work presentation
from: 25.02.2018

Scope Sessions - artist talks & media salon

Scope Sessions #71

Ali M. Demirel & Bahadir Hamdemir
from: 07.02.2018

Kang Dasom & Cho Hyun Soo

Korean Residency Program - Student Exhibition
from: 24.01.2018

Neuköllner Produktion 2018

Guided Tour
from: 19.01.2018

AIR Meetup: GlogauAIR at SomoS

lectures, work demonstrations, atelier visits
from: 10.01.2018

Casey Jenkins - Waste Not, performance, SomoS 2017 (Photo: Stef

Waste Not – Casey Jenkins

Durational Performance
from: 01.11.2017

Lady Gaby – Beware of the Beholder

installation, durational performance
from: 28.10.2017

Ainsley E. Tharp – After All These Years

video-assisted dance performance
from: 27.10.2017

Pedro Ferreira, “Erosion,” Super8 Performance

Super8 live cinema performance
from: 27.10.2017

TK & DLO – 3rd Person

from: 27.10.2017
to: 28.10.2017

Agnes Tam & Michiyasu Furutani – Lamentation

Wednesday October 25 2017, 17-17.30pm
from: 24.10.2017

Ethan Folk and Ty Wardwell – Platinum+

from: 23.10.2017

Reception for Songs from Misanthropolis

Tuesday, October 10, 2017 6-9PM
from: 09.10.2017

Unbound – Amphi

interactive work presentation, reading, Q&A
from: 29.09.2017


HERspace Arts Festival Berlin

Int. Female Arts & Culture
from: 22.09.2017

Writer Talk & Reading – Angela Flury

Berlin Cards & Crimes, novel-in-progress
from: 09.08.2017

Kama Sokolnicka

The Glare – Kama Sokolnicka

Summer solstice work presentation, book launch & artist's talk
from: 20.06.2017

15″ Performance Cycle: Chemistry

Performance Cycle
from: 12.05.2017

Mother Tongue – Iman Person

from: 04.05.2017

Natusha Croes

Could that last sentence be the title? – Natusha Croes

Performance/Book Launch/Screening
from: 28.04.2017

natusha croes performance

The Heart Shall Be in the Title – Natusha Croes Performance

from: 27.03.2017

Hypernatural Sounds #4: Objet Autre

Hypernatural Sounds #4: Objet Autre – Performances/Q&A

The philosophy behind Sound-art and music.
from: 11.02.2017

Give Something Back to Berlin

Give Something Back to Berlin Fundraiser

from: 12.12.2016

Hunting the Stolen Billions

Hunting the Stolen Billions

Exhibition, Lectures & Talks
from: 07.12.2016
to: 10.12.2016

Korean Kitchen Popup Dinner with Mimi Kang

Pop-up Dinner
from: 30.09.2016

Lisa Stertz: »LOVE.« – Book Presentation

Performance Art Book Launch & Documentation
from: 20.09.2016

Hannes Ribarits - Slacker Manifesto

Screening: Neuromantics Spacetime

Films by Basma Alsharif, Beatrice Gibson & Hannes Ribarits
from: 05.09.2016

Cinémas de Traverse

Screening: Cinémas de Traverse

Experimental Cinema Documentary by Michel Amarger and Frédérique Devaux
from: 01.09.2016

Artist’s Talk: Meeting John Strasberg

from: 30.08.2016

Rah Eleh - Dear Sister

Cinema Conversación: Rah Eleh – Dear Sister

Screening & Q&A
from: 17.08.2016

Cinema Conversación: Emre Busse&Ceven Knowles – Landlords

from: 27.07.2016

Spherical Revolution – Pedro Zaz

The Past, Present, and Future of Fulldome and VR
from: 14.06.2016

Global Diplomacy Lab at SomoS 2016

Global Diplomacy Lab

Gallery Walk
from: 08.06.2016


from: 20.05.2016
to: 25.06.2016

East West Artists Exchange

EWAAC – East West Artists Exchange

Group exhibition: photography, video, sculpture, painting
from: 17.05.2016
to: 21.05.2016

Hypernatural Sounds #2: Unheard

Vorspiel Transmediale
from: 31.01.2016

Queer(ing) Art

A Conversation with Jérome Chazeix & Yener Bayramoğlu, Ph.D.
from: 29.01.2016

Panel-Rethinking Retail

Panel Discussion: Rethinking Retail

Wissenschaftsjahr 2015 / Zukunftsstadt
from: 10.01.2016

Five Senses: a Performative Reading by Travis Jeppesen & Snax

Reading/ Improv Session - 7pm sharp
from: 08.12.2015

Bruce La Bruce - Slide 039

Artist Talk: Bruce LaBruce

The artist/director speaks at the Fixation finissage.
from: 04.11.2015

MultiMadeira Artist in Residence Presentation

Presentation of MultiMadeira AIR 2015/16
from: 03.11.2015

When File Found meets Quimera Rosa

from: 29.10.2015

Shu Lea Cheang’s “FLUIDØ” Casting

Open Casting for the director's new film
from: 22.10.2015

Festisvall 5

Graphic Art Show
from: 08.09.2015
to: 09.09.2015

The Hour of the Wolf

an improvisational duet piece
from: 02.09.2015

Media Art Salon: Soundronic Performance

Media Art Performance
from: 15.07.2015
to: 15.07.2015

Alter Angle #5: Jasko Begovic

from: 06.07.2015

LOVE. – Lisa Stertz

Performance Series/Exhibition
from: 30.06.2015
to: 02.07.2015

48 Stunden Neukoelln Festival

Guided Tours, Live Drawing/Painting
from: 25.06.2015
to: 27.06.2015

Tokyo Short Art Film Screening

from: 18.06.2015


Artist Talk & Performance
from: 17.06.2015

Tokyo Animation Screening & Cosplay

from: 11.06.2015

Klaus Hu Artist Talk/Screening

Unsettled Landscapes
from: 13.05.2015

Jakub Červenka -


from: 22.03.2015
to: 28.03.2015


Lecture and Live Demonstration
from: 17.03.2015

Don’t Compress Me – Hojun Song

Lecture & Presentation
from: 10.03.2015

An Ode to the Beast and the Feast – Narrative Dining by Daniel Morgan

With Paintings by Magda Kaufmann
from: 26.02.2015
to: 27.02.2015

Cinema Conversación: Thiago Dezan

from: 11.02.2015

Butoh Beach – Featuring Tata Christiane

from: 19.01.2015

Media Art Salon with Telematique & U-matic

Tech Open Air festival satellite presentation
from: 16.07.2014
to: 16.07.2014

Unclean In Motion

Screening and Performance related to the Unclean exhibition
from: 27.06.2014

MIscha Tangian

Mischa Tangian – Unclean Music

Musical Performance
from: 17.06.2014

Pedro Bustamante – Sacrificial Rituals in Capitalist Religion

from: 17.06.2014

Fanzine Launch/Artist Talk

With Joanna Fatorelli, Stefano Castronovo and Donato Del Giudice
from: 11.04.2014

Maneki Neko Book Presentation

Thomas Goetz von Aust & Sylvia Lundschien
from: 04.04.2014

Performance: The Last Supper

Performance by Voin de Voin
from: 27.02.2014


Super Food Pop Up Dinner
from: 07.02.2014
to: 07.02.2014

Entertainment for the Braindead

from: 31.01.2014

Reading: Almost Home

Kerstin Parlow
from: 29.01.2014

Podiumsdiskussion Gentrification

from: 24.01.2014

Cinema Conversación

Talk/Screening by Filmmaker Nelson Carlo
from: 10.12.2013

SomoS Goes Wild

from: 29.11.2013
to: 29.11.2013

Goethe Institute Bangalore

BangaloREsidency Informational Reception
from: 16.11.2013

Analysis – Neo Supper

from: 30.10.2013

J.Jackie Baier

J.Jackie Baier – Julia Film Reception

Julia Berlin Film Premiere Reception
from: 23.10.2013

The Unreliable Tour Guide – MOMUS

from: 01.10.2013

Carribean Feast

from: 26.09.2013

Ode to the Sea

from: 12.09.2013
to: 13.09.2013

In Between

Performance by Mette Loulou & Beck Heiberg
from: 19.07.2013
to: 05.08.2013

A Walk through the Forest

from: 14.07.2013

ALTER ANGLE – Berlin Fashion Week Designers’ Spotlight

from: 01.07.2013
to: 06.07.2013


Performance by Mischa Badasyan & Ksenia Telepova
from: 14.06.2013