SomoS is a non-commercial artist-run art space with an emphasis on interdisciplinary projects, intergenerational community and diversity, founded in 2012. Working with innovative emerging and mid-career artists, including those from underserved backgrounds and communities, SomoS provides space, knowledge and resources for the production, presentation, and reflection of the arts. Its mission is to create an international open framework for innovative arts, curatorial projects, education and creative cooperation. Our exhibitions are based on fee-less open calls for art and curatorial/artistic proposals, and are supported by art councils, universities, philanthropists, patrons, volunteers, interns and staff, all of which share our great enthusiasm for enabling the artist’s vision in projects that would not be easily realized otherwise. SomoS’ engaged schedule of exhibitions, performances, seminars and artist talks is free to the public, and aims to spark interest, discussion, cooperation and understanding, as it activates art’s unique positive uniting potential.
Spacey dayglo colored mountians in the flyer for the Futureless exhibition.


Postponed - Exhibition Dates TBA
from: 22.03.2323

Coronavirus related imagery in one of Jiyeon Kim's "Meme Paintings."

Jiyeon Kim – Meme Paintings

Solo Exhibition, Painting
from: 08.06.2020
to: 17.07.2020

Emi Brener installation view, SomoS, March 2020

Emi Brener – Under the Skin

Oil Paintings
from: 27.03.2020

Daniil Galkin's plasticine scuplture The Swann-Geese.

Daniil Galkin – Schwäne-Gänse

Exhibition & Artist's Reception
from: 12.03.2020

A young white man at a desk, painting a watercolor ina still from Manami Uetake's video installation "Imaginig Something Unknown." -

Manami Uetake
Imagining Something Unknown

Solo Exhibition, Installation
from: 25.02.2020
to: 28.02.2020

B&W photograph by Alannah Louët, picturing superimposed shots of a nude young woman, referencing the historic occult photography genre, as she poses with long pieces of cloth "emanating" from her mouth.

Alannah Louët – Emanations

Solo Exhibition
from: 04.02.2020
to: 07.02.2020

Outside color photo of white-gloved hands holding up a painting of two figures standing in a chimney, with the Berlin clouds and skyline as background.

Jan Verbruggen – Thesauros, The Treasury

Solo Exhibition, Painting, Installation, Social Art
from: 03.01.2020
to: 17.01.2020

Flyer image of "Spiegel," a collage showing drawings and photo featuring powerful female monsters in work by Korean artist Black Jaguar.

Black Jaguar – Spiegel/반사!

Solo Exhibition
from: 12.12.2019
to: 20.12.2019

View into the Empathische Tribunale exhibition at SomoS gallery, picturing dresses by Tata Christiane and behind glass paintings by Andreas Schwarz.

Empathische Tribunale

Exhibition by Berlin Artist Group "Die Kette"
from: 05.11.2019
to: 15.11.2019

View into the Un_Real Desires exhibition featuring penis-like smooth wooden sculpture, video projection, interactive installation, video screen.

Un_Real Desires – Group Exhibition

Technology, Desire and Erotica
from: 21.10.2019
to: 26.10.2019

A table full of trash and exotic natural and man-made objects.

Shraddha Borawake – Garb-Age

Solo Exhibition
from: 01.10.2019
to: 05.10.2019

Painting of a water clarifying pond.

Mikhail Haramati – Alchemy

Solo Exhibition
from: 24.09.2019
to: 27.09.2019

View of a spacious gallery with video art installation and paper sculpture.

Streaming Data is the Ultimate Trust Exercise with the Moon

Solo Exhibition, Corinna Berndt (AU/DE)
from: 27.08.2019
to: 30.08.2019

Teiko Zheng portrays queer Berlin queer migrants, 3 photos of 25-year old gay young men from Berlin.

Teiko Ang Zheng – 25

Solo Photography Exhibition
from: 20.08.2019
to: 23.08.2019

Painting by Jameson Grant, an abstraction of Berlin cobblestones in yellow and orange.

Jameson Grant – Cobble Paintings

Solo Painting Exhibition
from: 13.08.2019
to: 16.08.2019

Velvet draperies and text video projections in a gallery space.

Sophie Morrow – Touch Me Tenderly

Solo Exhibition
from: 23.07.2019
to: 26.07.2019

Four people playing an art game.

Marcia Vaitsman – Spielraum

Solo Exhibition
from: 25.06.2019
to: 28.06.2019

Orphaned Memories

Dongyan Chen, Ivetta Sunyoung Kang, Elena Amabili
from: 14.06.2019
to: 21.06.2019

A video monitor and small painting in a spacious and bright art gallery.

B-LA Connect Festival – SomoS Hosts Nothing Special

Los Angeles - Berlin Exhibition Exchange Project
from: 31.05.2019
to: 08.06.2019

Large bright gallery space with colorful abstract paintings.

Christie MacDonald: Encoded, Stored, and Retrieved

Solo Exhibition
from: 25.04.2019
to: 07.05.2019


Group Exhibition
from: 16.04.2019
to: 19.04.2019

Young Korean artist Berrry Kim posing in her painted environment.

Berry Kim – B E R R Y L I N

Solo Exhibition
from: 19.03.2019
to: 26.03.2019

Burning wooden text billboard ina Berlin lake by Syed Shoaib Mahmood.

Syed Shoaib Mahmood – A Short Trip from Disneyland to the Sublime

Solo Exhibition
from: 12.02.2019
to: 22.02.2019

A boy rests his head on his arm sitting in a sunny, kitsch filled East-German balcony, accompanied by two cats..

A place called ДОМ

Doro Zinn, Stephanie Steinkopf, Tatiana Hahn
from: 22.01.2019
to: 25.01.2019

View into Angus McCullough's exhibition at SomoS.

Angus McCullough – Friendmaking

Solo Exhibition
from: 11.12.2018
to: 14.12.2018

Ming Lu – Pussy

Solo Exhibition
from: 04.12.2018
to: 07.12.2018

Linda Post – Here

Interactive Multimedia Installation
from: 20.11.2018
to: 23.11.2018

Sophia Zarders – Tinsel Angels

Solo Exhibition, Opening: Nov. 13th 2018, 6-9pm
from: 13.11.2018
to: 16.11.2018

The flyer image for the Un_Becoming exhibition shows a digitally decomposed image of a nude human figure.


The Erotic, the Body & Technology
from: 22.10.2018
to: 02.11.2018

Street riots outside seen from the inside of an empty and sterile art gallery space.

The outside world must not come in

Paintings and Videos by Alexei Gordin
from: 24.09.2018
to: 28.09.2018

Opening reception of "Reconfiguring the meme machine" by Bianca Tainsh at SomoS Arts, Berlin showing the Australian artists conducting a ritual; reading a text while a group of overall-clad young disciples stands by more or less patiently.

Reconfiguring the Meme Machine

Solo Exhibition by Bianca Tainsh (AU)
from: 18.09.2018
to: 21.09.2018

Lara Salmon – r/evolving

Performance Project / Solo Exhibition
from: 20.08.2018
to: 24.08.2018

Anahita Norouzi: de- +‎ patterned: A Space In-Between

Solo Exhibition
from: 26.06.2018
to: 29.06.2018

View in the Personae exhibition at SomoS Art House, with digital paintings, video installations.

Personae – Behavior & Authenticity

Group Exhibition, 48 St. Neukölln Festival
from: 21.06.2018
to: 23.06.2018

Loneliness Online – Sergey Melnitchenko

Opening Reception: June 6, 6–9pm
from: 06.06.2018
to: 15.06.2018

Routine & Happiness

Mari Nagem & Joaquin Margulis Luchsinger
from: 15.05.2018
to: 25.05.2018

Treading Water – Todd Johnson

photography exhibition
from: 15.02.2018
to: 23.02.2018


Exhibition Opening Reception: December 7, 2017, 6-9pm
from: 07.12.2017
to: 27.12.2017

Mutable Self exhibition flyer, showing multiple exposures of a young woman, hand on hips, based on a photograph by Stefanie Wolff

Mutable Self

exploring the shifting political, cultural, emotional and digital self
from: 27.11.2017
to: 01.12.2017

WonJu Kim – Healing the Process – Solo Exhibition

Opening Reception: Tuesday, November 21 2017, 6-9pm
from: 21.11.2017
to: 25.11.2017

Stefanie Wolff – Project Heimat

Solo Exhibition
from: 07.11.2017
to: 10.11.2017

The Beholder

Group Exhibition
from: 23.10.2017
to: 28.10.2017

Aske A. Hvidtfeldt

Aske A. Hvidtfeldt – Songs from Misanthropolis

Reception: Tuesday October 10, 2017, 6-9pm
from: 05.10.2017
to: 13.10.2017

Adam Cohn - Surface & Depth

Adam Cohn – Surface & Depth

Opening: Tuesday, September 26, 2017, 6-9pm
from: 25.09.2017
to: 28.09.2017

Screen saver forest wallpaper pasted in a gallery

Erin Mitchell – Uncanny Valley

Exhibition Opening Reception: Sept. 1st, 6-9pm
from: 01.09.2017
to: 08.09.2017

Hagoromo Okamoto

Ich habe noch nicht mal gefrühstückt – Hagoromo Okamoto

from: 28.07.2017
to: 29.07.2017

urban reflection in rain water

Language Matters #1: Reflexive – Alê Baptista & Syed Mahmood

from: 13.07.2017
to: 21.07.2017

Neues Dasein

Neues Dasein – Virtual Reality and New Ways of Being

performative installations
from: 22.06.2017
to: 24.06.2017

Expanded: 11 Female Artists from Chile to Berlin

Group Exhibition
from: 07.06.2017
to: 15.06.2017

Nina Hong

Nina Hong: Red Feminine Vase (Could Use Some Water)

A Self-Portrait by Others/Berlin
from: 30.05.2017
to: 02.06.2017

Thematic – Blueroom Collective

conceptual-constructive typography exhibition
from: 22.05.2017
to: 25.05.2017

Thessia Machado

Thessia Machado – Telix

Sound-art installation, Performance Series, Artist's Talk
from: 16.05.2017
to: 19.05.2017

Charity Art Auction

Hangar 1 Charity Art Auction & Exhibition

Supporting war-zone migrant women & kids in Berlin
from: 05.04.2017


Agnieszka Rowińska – Afterimage

Solo Exhibition
from: 19.03.2017
to: 24.03.2017

Christopher Sperandio - Pinko Joe or Run! The Old World is Behind You!

Pinko Joe or Run! The Old World is Behind You! – Christopher Sperandio

work-in-progress, artist talk, publication launch
from: 22.02.2017
to: 27.02.2017

African Acid is the Future

African Acid is the Future – Camille Bokhobza

from: 25.11.2016
to: 30.11.2016

Christian Vagt - Softex

Softex – Christian Vagt

Solo Exhibition
from: 01.11.2016
to: 11.11.2016

Custom Paradise Open Call

Custom Paradise Group Exhibition

Installation & Performance Art
from: 24.10.2016
to: 29.10.2016

Henryk M. Broder – SCHWEIN GEHABT!

foto exhibition & book presentation
from: 06.09.2016
to: 11.09.2016

Marguerite Harris installation at SomoS 2016

Marguerite Harris – Film is Un/Dead

AIR Exhibition, Screening & Workshop
from: 29.08.2016
to: 03.09.2016

Jen Liu - The Pink Detachment

Jen Liu: The Pink Detachment

film screening & solo exhibition by Jen Liu
from: 15.08.2016
to: 26.08.2016



Amanda Parish, Joseph Campbell, Tess Motherway, Sebastian Almond, Georgie Harrison
from: 21.06.2016
to: 24.06.2016

Facets of Iran

Facets of Iran

Photography, film, lecture by Mike Marlowe, Jon John Arias & Paul King
from: 26.05.2016
to: 01.06.2016

SomoS: Merijn Hos & Guillaume Kashima

Pictoplasma: Merijn Hos & Guillaume Kashima

Part of the Pictoplasma Festival Character Walk
from: 03.05.2016
to: 07.05.2016

Phantomatique / Nowhere to Be Seen – Pauline Alioua

Phantomatic / Nowhere to Be Seen – Pauline Alioua

Photography Solo Exhibition
from: 08.04.2016
to: 22.04.2016

Accumulation – Goran Tomcic & Nándor Angstenberger

from: 11.03.2016
to: 01.04.2016

Overlooking I - Ink Agop

Overlooking I – Ink Agop

video, installation, sculpture
from: 24.02.2016
to: 02.03.2016

Jasko Begovic – Future is Watching

Craftism Solo exhibition
from: 19.02.2016
to: 20.02.2016

Showing Out: Cheryl Dunye

Black/Queer Cinema: Photography, Film/Video, Talks, Screenings
from: 11.02.2016
to: 20.02.2016

Alter Angle - Zeix Lab Berlin


Berlin Fashion Week Solo Show
from: 14.01.2016
to: 29.01.2016

The Five Senses Installation View

The Five Senses – Brian Tennessee Claflin & Greta Frau

Video Installation, Reading, Improv Session
from: 26.11.2015
to: 19.12.2015


Group Exhibition
from: 20.10.2015
to: 04.11.2015

Satellite – Sima Zureikat

Satellite Dishes - Cultural Connection VS Disassociation
from: 19.10.2015
to: 06.11.2015

Imprint Collage exhibition

Imprint – Ingrid Bittar & David Woodward

Collage Exhibition
from: 30.09.2015
to: 16.10.2015

Transient Transgressions

Transart Institute Exhibition, Performances, Screenings
from: 31.07.2015
to: 01.08.2015

Transart Institute: Loose Affairs

from: 24.07.2015
to: 25.07.2015

Tehran 94

The first exhibition of Persian graffiti in Berlin
from: 18.07.2015
to: 22.07.2015

Howl Projects

Group Exhibition & Live Painting/Drawing
from: 22.06.2015
to: 27.06.2015


from: 03.06.2015
to: 20.06.2015

Klaus Hu – Unsettled Landscapes

Solo Exhibition
from: 06.05.2015
to: 21.05.2015

Louie Otesanek: You-exist, 2013, 90 x 70cm

EWIGER TRAUM – Paintings of Louie Otesanek

from: 02.04.2015
to: 16.04.2015


Group Exhibition
from: 04.03.2015
to: 27.03.2015

Tropicana 404

Fabian Schröder, Phntm Beach, Luiza Schiavo, Tata Christiane, Owen McCann, Betty Böhm, Thiago Dezan
from: 14.01.2015
to: 13.02.2015

Götter Glamor – Nika Fontaine

Glitter Paintings & Installation
from: 11.12.2014
to: 09.01.2015

Artconnect Community Clash #6

Bartholot & Hara Katsiki
from: 04.12.2014
to: 09.12.2014

Saturation and Decay

Nick Dewar, Madeline Stillwell & Willi Tomes
from: 12.11.2014
to: 28.11.2014


Berlin Pornfilmfestival Exhibition, Workshops
from: 21.10.2014
to: 05.11.2014

Artconnect Berlin Community Clash! #5

from: 09.10.2014
to: 14.10.2014

Made In SomoS

SomoS' resident artists and guests exhibition.
from: 11.09.2014
to: 29.09.2014

My Paper Sunglasses

Group Exhibition
from: 06.08.2014
to: 20.08.2014

Transart Institute: Open Frame

exhibition, performances & screenings
from: 01.08.2014

Alter Angle #3

Berlin Fashion Week Exhibition on Anthropology & Fashion
from: 07.07.2014
to: 18.07.2014

Ari Versluis – Kreuzkölln Encounter, 2014

Ari Versluis – Kreuzkölln Encounter

Temporary Street Photography Project
from: 07.07.2014
to: 12.07.2014

Unclean Project

exhibition, performances, lectures, screenings
from: 05.06.2014
to: 28.06.2014

From Cuteness to Knowingness

Hiroki Otsuka, Kinya Hanada, Hoji Tsuchiya, Kurihara Takuya & SHOXXX
from: 29.04.2014
to: 16.05.2014

Liis Koger – Paintings

solo exhibition
from: 21.04.2014
to: 27.04.2014

Electric Renaissance II

Exhibition by Stefano Castronovo & Donato Del Giudice
from: 03.04.2014
to: 17.04.2014

Multiple overlapping fonts on a gray background.

Bernard Föll Retrospective

Solo Exhibition
from: 06.02.2014
to: 07.03.2014

First came the clowns

Photography Exhibition on Gentrification
from: 22.01.2014
to: 31.01.2014

Alter Angle – Berlin Fashion Week Artists’ Spotlight 2014

from: 13.01.2014
to: 18.01.2014

NNIE █ Negating Nothing Incorporating Everything ███

by Resident Artist Andre Wakko Hostalácio
from: 21.11.2013
to: 29.11.2013

22+1 Tarot Photo-installation

Viviana Druga & Tata Christiane
from: 31.10.2013
to: 14.11.2013

Rule 34

Exhibition During Berlin Pornfilmfestival
from: 18.10.2013
to: 26.10.2013

Allgemeinplaetze + Nahaufnahmen

Donato Del Giudice, Larissa Fassler, Momus, Sandra Buehler, Melchior De Tinguy Du Pouet
from: 11.09.2013
to: 03.10.2013

Alter Angle – Berlin Fashion Week Artists’ Spotlight 2013

from: 01.07.2013
to: 06.07.2013

Quicklook 001: Santiago Taccetti

Solo Exhibition
from: 26.04.2013
to: 07.05.2013


Andre Hostalacio "Wakko", Yair Elazar Glotman, Tommi Koskinen, Pierce Warnecke
from: 02.02.2013
to: 09.03.2013