Tee Un_Real Desires flyer shows a mirrored view of a semi-nude photographer with mobile phone, lit by atmospheric shimmering blue light patches.

Un_Real Desires – Group Exhibition

Technology, Desire and Erotica
from: 22.10.2019
to: 27.10.2019

A table full of trash and exotic natural and man-made objects.

Shraddha Borawake – Garb-Age

Solo Exhibition
from: 02.10.2019
to: 06.10.2019

Painting of a water clarifying pond.

Mikhail Haramati – Alchemy

Solo Exhibition
from: 25.09.2019
to: 28.09.2019

View of a spacious gallery with video art installation and paper sculpture.

Streaming Data is the Ultimate Trust Exercise with the Moon

Solo Exhibition, Corinna Berndt (AU/DE)
from: 28.08.2019
to: 31.08.2019

Teiko Zheng portrays queer Berlin queer migrants, 3 photos of 25-year old gay young men from Berlin.

Teiko Ang Zheng – 25

Solo Photography Exhibition
from: 21.08.2019
to: 24.08.2019

Painting by Jameson Grant, an abstraction of Berlin cobblestones in yellow and orange.

Jameson Grant – Cobble Paintings

Solo Painting Exhibition
from: 14.08.2019
to: 17.08.2019

Velvet draperies and text video projections in a gallery space.

Sophie Morrow – Touch Me Tenderly

Solo Exhibition
from: 24.07.2019
to: 27.07.2019

Four people playing an art game.

Marcia Vaitsman – Spielraum

Solo Exhibition
from: 26.06.2019
to: 29.06.2019

Orphaned Memories

Dongyan Chen, Ivetta Sunyoung Kang, Elena Amabili
from: 15.06.2019
to: 22.06.2019

A video monitor and small painting in a spacious and bright art gallery.

B-LA Connect Festival – SomoS Hosts Nothing Special

Los Angeles - Berlin Exhibition Exchange Project
from: 01.06.2019
to: 09.06.2019

Large bright gallery space with colorful abstract paintings.

Christie MacDonald: Encoded, Stored, and Retrieved

Solo Exhibition
from: 26.04.2019
to: 08.05.2019


Group Exhibition
from: 17.04.2019
to: 20.04.2019

Young Korean artist Berrry Kim posing in her painted environment.

Berry Kim – B E R R Y L I N

Solo Exhibition
from: 20.03.2019
to: 27.03.2019

Burning wooden text billboard ina Berlin lake by Syed Shoaib Mahmood.

Syed Shoaib Mahmood – A Short Trip from Disneyland to the Sublime

Solo Exhibition
from: 13.02.2019
to: 23.02.2019

A boy rests his head on his arm sitting in a sunny, kitsch filled East-German balcony, accompanied by two cats..

A place called ДОМ

Doro Zinn, Stephanie Steinkopf, Tatiana Hahn
from: 23.01.2019
to: 26.01.2019

View into Angus McCullough's exhibition at SomoS.

Angus McCullough – Friendmaking

Solo Exhibition
from: 12.12.2018
to: 15.12.2018

Ming Lu – Pussy

Solo Exhibition
from: 05.12.2018
to: 08.12.2018

Linda Post – Here

Interactive Multimedia Installation
from: 21.11.2018
to: 24.11.2018

Sophia Zarders – Tinsel Angels

Solo Exhibition, Opening: Nov. 13th 2018, 6-9pm
from: 14.11.2018
to: 17.11.2018

The flyer image for the Un_Becoming exhibition shows a digitally decomposed image of a nude human figure.


The Erotic, the Body & Technology
from: 23.10.2018
to: 03.11.2018

Street riots outside seen from the inside of an empty and sterile art gallery space.

The outside world must not come in

Paintings and Videos by Alexei Gordin
from: 25.09.2018
to: 29.09.2018

Opening reception of "Reconfiguring the meme machine" by Bianca Tainsh at SomoS Arts, Berlin showing the Australian artists conducting a ritual; reading a text while a group of overall-clad young disciples stands by more or less patiently.

Reconfiguring the Meme Machine

Solo Exhibition by Bianca Tainsh (AU)
from: 19.09.2018
to: 22.09.2018

Lara Salmon – r/evolving

Performance Project / Solo Exhibition
from: 21.08.2018
to: 25.08.2018

Anahita Norouzi: de- +‎ patterned: A Space In-Between

Solo Exhibition
from: 27.06.2018
to: 30.06.2018

View in the Personae exhibition at SomoS Art House, with digital paintings, video installations.

Personae – Behavior & Authenticity

Group Exhibition, 48 St. Neukölln Festival
from: 22.06.2018
to: 24.06.2018

Loneliness Online – Sergey Melnitchenko

Opening Reception: June 6, 6–9pm
from: 07.06.2018
to: 16.06.2018

Routine & Happiness

Mari Nagem & Joaquin Margulis Luchsinger
from: 16.05.2018
to: 26.05.2018

Treading Water – Todd Johnson

photography exhibition
from: 16.02.2018
to: 24.02.2018


Exhibition Opening Reception: December 7, 2017, 6-9pm
from: 08.12.2017
to: 28.12.2017

Mutable Self exhibition flyer, showing multiple exposures of a young woman, hand on hips, based on a photograph by Stefanie Wolff

Mutable Self

exploring the shifting political, cultural, emotional and digital self
from: 28.11.2017
to: 02.12.2017

WonJu Kim – Healing the Process – Solo Exhibition

Opening Reception: Tuesday, November 21 2017, 6-9pm
from: 22.11.2017
to: 26.11.2017

Stefanie Wolff – Project Heimat

Solo Exhibition
from: 08.11.2017
to: 11.11.2017

The Beholder

Group Exhibition
from: 24.10.2017
to: 29.10.2017

Aske A. Hvidtfeldt

Aske A. Hvidtfeldt – Songs from Misanthropolis

Reception: Tuesday October 10, 2017, 6-9pm
from: 06.10.2017
to: 14.10.2017

Adam Cohn - Surface & Depth

Adam Cohn – Surface & Depth

Opening: Tuesday, September 26, 2017, 6-9pm
from: 26.09.2017
to: 29.09.2017

Screen saver forest wallpaper pasted in a gallery

Erin Mitchell – Uncanny Valley

Exhibition Opening Reception: Sept. 1st, 6-9pm
from: 02.09.2017
to: 09.09.2017

Hagoromo Okamoto

Ich habe noch nicht mal gefrühstückt – Hagoromo Okamoto

from: 29.07.2017
to: 30.07.2017

urban reflection in rain water

Language Matters #1: Reflexive – Alê Baptista & Syed Mahmood

from: 14.07.2017
to: 22.07.2017

Neues Dasein

Neues Dasein – Virtual Reality and New Ways of Being

performative installations
from: 23.06.2017
to: 25.06.2017

Expanded: 11 Female Artists from Chile to Berlin

Group Exhibition
from: 08.06.2017
to: 16.06.2017

Nina Hong

Nina Hong: Red Feminine Vase (Could Use Some Water)

A Self-Portrait by Others/Berlin
from: 31.05.2017
to: 03.06.2017

Thematic – Blueroom Collective

conceptual-constructive typography exhibition
from: 23.05.2017
to: 26.05.2017

Thessia Machado

Thessia Machado – Telix

Sound-art installation, Performance Series, Artist's Talk
from: 17.05.2017
to: 20.05.2017

Charity Art Auction

Hangar 1 Charity Art Auction & Exhibition

Supporting war-zone migrant women & kids in Berlin
from: 06.04.2017


Agnieszka Rowińska – Afterimage

Solo Exhibition
from: 20.03.2017
to: 25.03.2017

Christopher Sperandio - Pinko Joe or Run! The Old World is Behind You!

Pinko Joe or Run! The Old World is Behind You! – Christopher Sperandio

work-in-progress, artist talk, publication launch
from: 23.02.2017
to: 28.02.2017

African Acid is the Future

African Acid is the Future – Camille Bokhobza

from: 26.11.2016
to: 01.12.2016

Christian Vagt - Softex

Softex – Christian Vagt

Solo Exhibition
from: 02.11.2016
to: 12.11.2016

Custom Paradise Open Call

Custom Paradise Group Exhibition

Installation & Performance Art
from: 25.10.2016
to: 30.10.2016

Henryk M. Broder – SCHWEIN GEHABT!

foto exhibition & book presentation
from: 07.09.2016
to: 12.09.2016

Marguerite Harris installation at SomoS 2016

Marguerite Harris – Film is Un/Dead

AIR Exhibition, Screening & Workshop
from: 30.08.2016
to: 04.09.2016

Jen Liu - The Pink Detachment

Jen Liu: The Pink Detachment

film screening & solo exhibition by Jen Liu
from: 16.08.2016
to: 27.08.2016



Amanda Parish, Joseph Campbell, Tess Motherway, Sebastian Almond, Georgie Harrison
from: 22.06.2016
to: 25.06.2016

Facets of Iran

Facets of Iran

Photography, film, lecture by Mike Marlowe, Jon John Arias & Paul King
from: 27.05.2016
to: 02.06.2016

SomoS: Merijn Hos & Guillaume Kashima

Pictoplasma: Merijn Hos & Guillaume Kashima

Part of the Pictoplasma Festival Character Walk
from: 04.05.2016
to: 08.05.2016

Phantomatique / Nowhere to Be Seen – Pauline Alioua

Phantomatic / Nowhere to Be Seen – Pauline Alioua

Photography Solo Exhibition
from: 09.04.2016
to: 23.04.2016

Accumulation – Goran Tomcic & Nándor Angstenberger

from: 12.03.2016
to: 02.04.2016

Overlooking I - Ink Agop

Overlooking I – Ink Agop

video, installation, sculpture
from: 25.02.2016
to: 03.03.2016

Jasko Begovic – Future is Watching

Craftism Solo exhibition
from: 20.02.2016
to: 21.02.2016

Showing Out: Cheryl Dunye

Black/Queer Cinema: Photography, Film/Video, Talks, Screenings
from: 12.02.2016
to: 21.02.2016

Alter Angle - Zeix Lab Berlin


Berlin Fashion Week Solo Show
from: 15.01.2016
to: 30.01.2016

The Five Senses Installation View

The Five Senses – Brian Tennessee Claflin & Greta Frau

Video Installation, Reading, Improv Session
from: 27.11.2015
to: 20.12.2015


Group Exhibition
from: 21.10.2015
to: 05.11.2015

Satellite – Sima Zureikat

Satellite Dishes - Cultural Connection VS Disassociation
from: 20.10.2015
to: 07.11.2015

Imprint – Ingrid Bittar & David Woodward

Collage Exhibition
from: 01.10.2015
to: 17.10.2015

Transient Transgressions

Transart Institute Exhibition, Performances, Screenings
from: 01.08.2015
to: 02.08.2015

Transart Institute: Loose Affairs

from: 25.07.2015
to: 26.07.2015

Tehran 94

The first exhibition of Persian graffiti in Berlin
from: 19.07.2015
to: 23.07.2015

Howl Projects

Group Exhibition & Live Painting/Drawing
from: 23.06.2015
to: 28.06.2015


from: 04.06.2015
to: 21.06.2015

Klaus Hu – Unsettled Landscapes

Solo Exhibition
from: 07.05.2015
to: 22.05.2015

Louie Otesanek: You-exist, 2013, 90 x 70cm

EWIGER TRAUM – Paintings of Louie Otesanek

from: 03.04.2015
to: 17.04.2015


Choy Ka Fai, Ryo Kato, Yulia Kazakova, Li Hui, Jelena Martinovic, Hojun Song, Elisa Storelli
from: 05.03.2015
to: 28.03.2015

Tropicana 404

Fabian Schröder, Phntm Beach, Luiza Schiavo, Tata Christiane, Owen McCann, Betty Böhm, Thiago Dezan
from: 15.01.2015
to: 14.02.2015

Götter Glamor – Nika Fontaine

Glitter Paintings & Installation
from: 12.12.2014
to: 10.01.2015

Artconnect Community Clash #6

Bartholot & Hara Katsiki
from: 05.12.2014
to: 10.12.2014

Saturation and Decay

Nick Dewar, Madeline Stillwell & Willi Tomes
from: 13.11.2014
to: 29.11.2014


Berlin Pornfilmfestival Exhibition, Workshops
from: 22.10.2014
to: 06.11.2014

Artconnect Berlin Community Clash! #5

from: 10.10.2014
to: 15.10.2014

Made In SomoS

SomoS' resident artists and guests exhibition.
from: 12.09.2014
to: 30.09.2014

My Paper Sunglasses

from: 07.08.2014
to: 21.08.2014

Transart Institute: Open Frame

exhibition, performances & screenings
from: 02.08.2014

Alter Angle #3

Berlin Fashion Week Exhibition on Anthropology & Fashion
from: 08.07.2014
to: 19.07.2014

Ari Versluis – Kreuzkölln Encounter, 2014

Ari Versluis – Kreuzkölln Encounter

Temporary Street Photography Project
from: 08.07.2014
to: 13.07.2014

Unclean Project

exhibition, performances, lectures, screenings
from: 06.06.2014
to: 29.06.2014

From Cuteness to Knowingness

Hiroki Otsuka, Kinya Hanada, Hoji Tsuchiya, Kurihara Takuya & SHOXXX
from: 30.04.2014
to: 17.05.2014

Liis Koger – Paintings

solo exhibition
from: 22.04.2014
to: 28.04.2014

Electric Renaissance II

Exhibition by Stefano Castronovo & Donato Del Giudice
from: 04.04.2014
to: 18.04.2014

Multiple overlapping fonts on a gray background.

Bernard Föll Retrospective

Solo Exhibition
from: 07.02.2014
to: 08.03.2014

First came the clowns

Photography Exhibition on Gentrification
from: 23.01.2014
to: 01.02.2014

Alter Angle – Berlin Fashion Week Artists’ Spotlight 2014

from: 14.01.2014
to: 19.01.2014

NNIE █ Negating Nothing Incorporating Everything ███

by Resident Artist Andre Wakko Hostalácio
from: 22.11.2013
to: 30.11.2013

22+1 Tarot Photo-installation

Viviana Druga & Tata Christiane
from: 01.11.2013
to: 15.11.2013

Rule 34

Exhibition During Berlin Pornfilmfestival
from: 19.10.2013
to: 27.10.2013

Allgemeinplaetze + Nahaufnahmen

Donato Del Giudice, Larissa Fassler, Momus, Sandra Buehler, Melchior De Tinguy Du Pouet
from: 12.09.2013
to: 04.10.2013

Alter Angle – Berlin Fashion Week Artists’ Spotlight 2013

from: 02.07.2013
to: 07.07.2013

Quicklook 001: Santiago Taccetti

Solo Exhibition
from: 27.04.2013
to: 08.05.2013


Andre Hostalacio "Wakko", Yair Elazar Glotman, Tommi Koskinen, Pierce Warnecke
from: 03.02.2013
to: 10.03.2013