Expanded: 11 Female Artists from Chile to Berlin

Group Exhibition

08.06.2017   - 16.06.2017

EXPANDED – 11 Female Artists from Chile to Berlin
Curated by Jacinta Besa

Opening: June 8 2017, 7pm
Duration: June 9–16, Tues-Sat 2–7pm, or by appointment

EXPANDED is built through the work of 11 women of the same generation who invite the viewer to reflect upon displacement.

In the first sense, in a more literal way, we find the territorial expansion considering that both works and artists come from Chile. Then there is the transformation of traditional art techniques -painting, drawing, sculpture, photography or engraving- through research and experimentation of an own gesture, which in its integrity derives in a diverse exhibition in the visual and conceptual area. This crossing then emerges as the main reason for uniting, under one roof, styles as distinct as complex.

Participating artists: Bernardita Bennett, Jacinta Besa, Colomba Fontaine, Luisa Granifo, María Ossandón, Constanza Ragal, Dominique Schwarzhaupt, Natalia Urnia, Catalina Valenzuela, Dominga Vergara e Isidora Villarino.