Fabian Schröder

Tropicana 404


Fabian Schröder was born in 1984 in Berlin. After receiving multiple degrees in photography from institutions in Vienna, Antwerp, and Brussels, he has recently returned to Berlin to develop his career in photography. So far, he has investigated the peculiarities of leisure and travel, noticing the hollowness that can be detected in our pre-fabricated methods of rest and relaxation. His photographs demonstrate the solitude and melancholy aspects of vacationing. For the exhibition Tropicana 404 at SomoS in January and February 2015, Schröder presented work from his series “Krausnick.” The photos from this series are taken in a manufactured tropical paradise located in a dome outside of Berlin. There is a sense of deception and sorrow in this place that exists only to provide a simulated paradise for those unwilling or unable to travel and experience such a place in reality.

In his own words about the series “Krausnick”:

“Human beings are creating their own vacation dream worlds on an ever larger scale. The locations become ever more sophisticated to allow beach holidays forever at any time and season. “Tropical Islands” is the biggest cantilevered structure in the world. What was once a plan to construct heavy-load airships is now an amusement park where dreams are being manufactured.This gigantic hangar covers a palm-lined south-sea beach with fine Italian sand, a rainforest with trees from Thailand and a tropical village featuring folklore from Bali to Rio.

The whole construction is build as authentic as possible, but still appears highly artificial. Themed mockups from all over the world, a fake sky panel and the ever present giant roof covering the sunlight are leading to an unauthentic vacation experience.
Other contradictions become visible when a hot-air-balloon is restricted by the giant hangar from truly rising and when the campsite is already located under canvas.
My images are focusing on these artificial aspects and contradictions. Applying long time exposure during the nighttime emphasises the unreal. Tropical Islands occasionally appeared as if reality is retouched. The latter certainly is not the case with my photographs.”



2011 – 2012 MA, Sint-Lukas Brussels University College of Art and Design, dep. Photography

2010 – 2011 BA, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, dep. Art and Photography

2008 – 2011 BA, Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp, dep. Photography

Solo Exhibitions

2014 Holiday Parks & Krausnick, Raumteiler, Vienna, AT

Selected Group Exhibitions

2015 Tropicana 404, SomoS; Berlin

2013 Een bespiegeling van het hedendaagse leven, International Fotofestival Leiden, Leiden, NL

2012 The Research and Destroy Department of Black Mountain College, W139, Amsterdam, NL

Master Show Sint Lukas, VGC, Brussels, BE

Demonstration #3, Recyclart, Brussels, BE,

2011 Photomeetings Luxembourg, Konschthaus beim Engel, Luxembourg, LU


2013 Expositiegids, Een bespiegeling van het hedendaagse leven, Fotofestival Leiden, Leiden, NL

2012 Catalogue Voyeur, Photomeetings Luxembourg

2011 Catalogue Rundgang 2011, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna