Feedback Workshop: Learn, Practice & Receive

The art of Giving Feedback - Michael O’Connor

from: 04.10.2018 6pm  to: 9pm

About the Workshop

Want more personal ways to speak about abstract art or movies at your next cocktail party? Looking for ways to give feedback at work? Or want to know how to receive feedback about something you made without feeling defensive? Break the myth of what you think feedback is. Learn an artistic critique feedback method used by artists. Feedback is more than talking about ‘what is wrong’ with something. Likewise, when receiving feedback you want information that is actually helpful. In this workshop I will introduce you to a method that will change how you look at feedback. It will allow you to feel confident in your opinion, feel less stressed about the concept of feedback, and help you understand what people really mean by learning tactics to help control what you hear so it is helpful for you. After introducing the method, the participants are invited to share items that they would like feedback on. But don’t bring an idea… it must be something present and that we can see or experience.* You are also welcome to attend to simply learn the method and practice giving feedback.

About the Instructor Michael O’Connor:

Michael O’Connor is a choreographer working at the intersection of cognitive science and movement. His artistic work attempts to recreate and articulate some of the basic building blocks of human perception as performative tools. Recently he has presented work at the Venice Biennale, the Mind and Brain School in Berlin, the Detroit Dance City Film Festival, and Spring Dance in Utrecht. He has performed and lectured at metaphor and dance conferences about his research and is excited about bridging fields and sharing knowledge outside the arts and science communities.

Workshop hosted by U/skillity
Price: 55 € per person
Available Spots: 10
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SomoS, Kottbusser Damm 95, 1st floor, 10967 Berlin
U8 Schönleinstrasse (Exit Schinkestrasse)

This is one of two workshops Michael O’Connor holds at SomoS during October 2018. The other, Think in New Directions takes place 06.10.2018, noon – 3pm, and aims to improve your communication- and creative thinking skills.