When File Found meets Quimera Rosa


30.10.2015 7pm  - 9pm

Friday, October 30th 2015, 7pm SomoS hosts the performance “When File Found meets Quimera Rosa,” curated by performance artist Maria F Dolores, presented in the context of the Fixation group show on the nude body in art cinema. Free entry, above 18 only.

Maria F. Dolores describes the performance as “a safe sex date between performers File Found & Quimera Rosa, an evening of Noise, gender hacking and pleasure as an antithesis to the normative complacent melody.”
Welcoming to the event by Shu Lea Cheang!

A sex/blood/noise positive performance of approximately one hour, at SomoS, Friday 30th October, beginning at 19:00pm, in the context of the Fixation group show on the nude body in art cinema, featuring Shu Lea Cheang, Bruce LaBruce, James Bidgood, MuD, Krefer & Turca.

Performance Artists:

File Found – aTxE and La Pelos

File Found is a Bio-Toxic performance project by aTxTe and La Pelos that uses bio-toxic-machines as contestation and resistance to the information imposed. File Found’s theme is “the machines as lovers,” the performance articulated by an extended arm connected to two DIY tattoo machines – one tattooing the real skin and the other making hole-lines in vinyl, amplifying a sonic experience of pleasure and pain. The tattoo machine serves as a vehicle of information in Noise, generating visual and audible scars that make up the findable file (ff).

File Found – aTxE and La Pelos – studied Fine Arts at the University of the Country and at the University of Granada.

La Pelos subsequently took part in an independent study program at Macha (PEI 2008/09), and obtained a Master Degree in Gender Studies at the University of Barcelona. La Pelos is an interdisciplinary artist and performer.

aTxE is an interdisciplinary artist, performer and sound artist in the Noise scene who is formed by selfexperimentation and research in DIY workshops. aTxE has given several DIY workshops of electronics and analog synths for various independent institutes. aTxE is active as post-porn film maker, and is autodidact in the tattoo world.

Both artists individually practice photography, video, visuals, street actions, performing and are connected with the post-porno scene in Barcelona (Muestra Marrana).

More information: www.file-found.weebly.com

Quimera Rosa

Quimera Rosa is a lab that researches and experiments the body, technology and identities. Their aim is to develop practices able to produce non-natural cyborg identities from a transdisciplinary perspective. Quimera Rosa assumes Donna Haraway’s notion of “cyborg,” that defines it as: “chimeras, theorized and fabricated hybrids of machine and organism.”

Quimera Rosa’s work is based on the deconstruction of sex and gender identities as well as on the interaction between body/machine/environment. Their performances present hybrid beings, chimeras, where the production of the subjectivity is the result of a prosthetic incorporation.

Mixing scenes of cyberpunk surrealism with non-conventional sexual practices, Quimera Rosa’s performance “sEXUS 3” transform their bodies into sexual-electronic instruments by means of electronic prosthesis connected the flesh and BDSM techniques.
More information: www.quimerarosa.net


Maria F. Dolores

Curator of When File Found meets Quimera Rosa, Maria F. Dolores is a visual artist and performer. She is currently works shadowing at the Schwules Museum in Berlin, supported by the stArt program. The performance evening “When File Found meets Quimera Rosa” is curated by Maria F Dolores is produced within the stART program.
stART is a program of the Robert Bosch Stiftung conducted in cooperation with the Goethe-Institut Thessaloniki and the Bundesvereinigung Soziokultureller Zentren e.V. (German Association of Socio-cultural Centers).
More information:www.alom.hotglue.me