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Shu Lea Cheang's Funding Campaign


Shu Lea Cheang, director of cyberpunk cult classic I.K.U., is asking for support of the production of her new film cypherpunk sci-fi film FLUIDØ.
FLUIDØ’s motto is “Hack the future!” depicting the themes of virus, sexuality, sex, hacking, drugs and conspiracy.

Shu Lea Cheang says: “I have been a media activist and artist for over 30 years. After I.K.U.’s worldwide success it has been a longtime dream of mine to realize FLUIDØ as a sequel. It has been quite challenging to get funding for my project and now I am closer than ever with producer Juergen Bruening and an amazing Berlin based cast and crew.
We still need funds to successfully complete FLUIDØ, so I decided to turn to my fans and community who have always believed in my vision. YOUR support is crucial for making this film production happen.
Be part of the FLUIDØ community and check yourself in as a fluid junkie for a super viral ride!”

About the movie:
It’s the year 2060. In the liquid future of FLUIDØ the mutated body of gender fluid humans is the new battle ground. In a presumably AIDS free future the virus has genetically mutated and given birth to the ZERO GEN. Their fluids have powerful drug effects causing an orgasmic high and making it the new hyper drug. High tech government androids are hunting them down to regain control over the mutated bodies. Drug lords and pharmaceutical corporations fight to harvest their fluids, hackers fight for the autonomy of the so-called ZERO GENs.

About Shu Lea Cheang:
Taiwanese-American director Shu Lea Cheang is best known for her 2000 cult smash I.K.U. in which sensual cyborgs fuck for information and pleasure. The film, heavily influenced by Blade Runner, is perhaps the first cyperpunk movie to radically explore the possibilities of cybernetic sexualities. The pioneer in the field of media art embraced internet and hacking culture early on, recognizing both its capacity to enslave as well as liberate, mixing that with queer and sexually explicit imagery bringing something new to the cultural landscape. Cheang describes herself as both a “cyberhomesteader” and a “high-tech aborigine” hinting at meta-levels of not only her own life, but the worlds of her films.
Reflecting on our current data surveillance reality and the AIDS epidemic, FLUIDØ is a story of sex, love and the struggle for self-determination.

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