Ethan Folk and Ty Wardwell – Platinum+


24.10.2017 5.30pm  - 7pm

Ethan Folk and Ty Wardwell- Platinum+
A 90 minute work for two performers and 24 pairs of new white tube socks.

The performance is inspired by the online used underwear economy. Semi-anonymous, semi-performative vendors sell their soiled, intimate garments on eBay, reddit, etc. These commodified objects are are imprinted with: 1) the desires of the subject/buyer 2) the performed sexuality of the object/seller 3) actual piss, cum, sweat, shit, crumbs etc.

PLATINUM + transposes this semi-anonymous online marketplace into a physically shared space. Pair by pair, Folk & Wardwell convert blank substrates (new socks) into worn content (used socks). The method of each conversion will be unique, improvised, and reactive to the marketplace. They will have a carefully curated quiver of materials at their disposal. You might see: sweaty socks, sweated into during vigorous exercise; secret keeping socks, invisibly imbued with a salacious story whispered in the ear of an audience member; sock tea, brewed and served piping hot.

After soiling, each pair of socks will be nailed to the wall with a description and price written alongside. The item descriptions mimic the forms of amateur erotic marketing the artists have studied online. As the marketplace grows, audience members are able to see the accumulated ephemera of the performance. If an audience expresses interest in purchasing a pair, Ethan Folk & Ty Wardwell are ready to negotiate a sale.

Monday October 23 2017, 6-6:30pm
Tuesday, October 24 2017, 5:30-7pm

entry free, 18+, kein Eintritt unter 18 Jahre