Queer Feminist Visions of the Future

Group Exhibition

02.04.2020 2pm  - 18.04.2020 7pm

For Immediate Release
Berlin–Juli, 2020

Press Release: Group Exhibition, Feminism, Queer, Futurism, Performance, Video, Installation, Experimental

The Futureless Exhibition Presents Queer Feminist Artistic Visions of the Future

WHAT: Futureless, Group Exhibition curated by Oliver Dougherty

WHEN: September 18th – October 10th 2020, Tue-Sa, 2-7pm
RSVP recommended.

WHERE: SomoS, Kottbusser Damm 95, 1.0G, 10967 Berlin (U8 – Schönleinstraße)

Note: due to the COVID-19 measures, there will be no opening reception.

The Futureless group exhibition featuring the work of 20 international artists presents visual art, performances, and experimental installations, imagining what a queer and feminist vision of the future may look like for our increasingly ecologically precarious planet.

Queer/feminist identities, politics, ideas and actions have always offered alternative perspectives on how society can be continuously shaped and reshaped differently. Today, with our sense of progress fading, and the extent of humanity’s damage to the environment becoming alarmingly clear, the pervasive loss of perspective leaves us in a “futureless” state. It is in this void, that queer/feminist visions may become not only increasingly relevant, but also more articulate.

Building on the Queer/Feminist Futurist tradition of such authors/writers as Samuel R. Delany, William S. Burroughs, Octavia Butler, Lizzy Borden, Shu Lea Cheang, Juliana Huxtable and Rebecca Belmore, the Futureless exhibition speculates on the the precariousness of national and ecological realities; the dwindling boundary between domestic and public life; and the interconnected and vast fields of mythology and technology. In this way, various worlds, or rather universes, emerge from the artworks, performances, films, workshops and lectures that are presented during Futureless; worlds that detail imaginative proposals for queer/feminist futures, with fiction and reality appearing in unentanglable and exciting forms.

Participating Artists:

Alina Belyagina – Anna M. Szaflarski – Areej al Huniti & Eliza Goldox – Fallon Mayanja – Heather Renée Russ – Joanne Newman – Maria Kulikovska – Uleg Vinnichenko – Maxine Puorro – Hannah Levin – Helah Cooper – Niya B – Simo Vassinen – Merja Kokkonen (Islaja) – Linards Kulless – Simon(e) Jaikiriuma Paetau – Thais Guisasola – Zhen Guo – Zoë Marden


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