Postponed - Exhibition Dates TBA


*UPDATE* Due to the current international health concern surrounding COVID-19, SomoS has postponed this exhibition. Please watch this website and our social media channels for updates.

With imagination and fiction as tools, the Futureless group exhibition, presents the myriad possibilities of queer/feminist futures within our increasingly digitized and ecologically precarious planet.

From their political root, queer/feminist identities, ideas and actions offer alternative perspectives on how society can be continuously shaped and reshaped differently. With the capitalist dream of progress fading and the extent of humanity’s damage to the globe becoming exposed, the loss of a future once thought by some as great and bright leaves us in a futureless state. Such a state may feel at once empty and ominous, yet also appear as a vast and promising site for speculative fiction and fantasy. In this void, queer/feminist answers become not only increasingly relevant but also more articulate. What does it mean for queer/feminist thought and art that the future is missing? How can we dream of and interpret the present as seen from the future?

The Futureless group exhibition speculates on these questions, recognizing an important history of queer/feminist futurism. It ponders on the future of queer/feminist lives, ideas and actions around the development of both state-dividing and ecological borders, as well as within and beyond the boundaries between domestic and public life. Moreover, the exhibition connects itself to both mythology and technology; two fields that are becoming increasingly interrelated. In this way, various worlds, or perhaps universes, emerge from the artworks, performances, films, workshops and lectures that are presented during Futureless; worlds that detail imaginative proposals for queer/feminist futures, with fiction and reality appearing in unentanglable forms.

Futureless understands queer/feminist lives as an ecosystem that is connected to the rest of nature and society. In this ecosystem, mythological, fantastical and otherworldly perspectives are interconnected with scientific and technological research, forging a future that sees ecological struggle and the struggle for universal emancipation as combined. Space emerges in which to build something new, as traditions such as gender and the domestic are deconstructed as time goes on. Indeed, with the ever-shifting impact of human life on the globe as a backdrop to the exhibition, Futureless looks forward, viewing its emptiness as an opportunity for humanity and the world to be radically reshaped through queer/feminist perspectives.

Curated by Oliver Dougherty.

Exhibition Dates TBA


Opening Reception

Simo Vassinen with Merja Kokkonen (Islaja) & Linards Kulless, durational opening performance

Performance Evening

Zoë Marden, The Little Mermaid, The Wicked Witch & Other Stories, lecture/performance
Niya B, I Was Once the Snake Woman, performance
Alina Belyagina, Firebot, dance performance

Film Screening

The Whisper of the Jaguar, directed by Simon(e) Jaikiriuma Paetau & Thais Guisasola (79 minutes)


Zoë Marden, The Little Mermaid, The Wicked Witch & Other Stories, lecture/performance

Participating artists:

Clay AD
Niya B
Alina Belyagina
Zhen Guo
Areej al Huniti & Eliza Goldox
Maria Kulikovska with Uleg Vinnichenko
Zoë Marden
Fallon Mayanja
Joanne Newman
Simon(e) Jaikiriuma Paetau & Thais Guisasola
Maxine Puorro, Hannah Levin & Helah Cooper
Heather Renée Russ
Anna M. Szaflarski
Simo Vassinen with Merja Kokkonen (Islaja) & Linards Kulless
Julia Vorkefeld