Gaby Bila-Günther aka Lady Gaby

visual & performance artist


Gaby Bila-Günther, aka Lady Gaby, is a Berlin-based spoken word, performance, and visual artist dubbed ‘the Peaches of spoken word’ in Berlin, ‘oddly poetic, flamboyant and upbeat’ by The Age Paper in Melbourne and ‘provocative’ by The Pill in Prague.

Lady Gaby, originally hailing from Romania, eventually oriented herself in Berlin’s vibrant art scene by way of Melbourne, Australia. Performing often in public spaces or deserted buildings, working with found objects, photos, turning household and feminine tools into art or making collages and site specific installations, Lady Gaby responds to her surrounding environment with powerful sentiments in her shows and exhibitions. Her work expresses her daily life and encounters with others and her surroundings.

Beware of the Beholder

Lady Gaby’s contribution for The Beholder group exhibition at SomoS, October 24-29 2017 is called Beware of the Beholder. The performance aims to answer questions surrounding the principle of supply and demand within the realm porn production in addition to providing an in-depth analysis of the effects of porn and its influence upon the normative gaze and sexual practices. Gaby, inside the boundaries of a confession booth, will at designated times ask questions and invite people to vocalize their erotic fantasies, secrets and experiences. These responses will inspire a performative spoken word staged by Gaby herself, with the aid of props such as whips, fruit and other toys. Together with the audience, the performance aims to produce porn collages responding to their own personal needs, demand, normative gaze, fantasies, consumption and porn aesthetics.

Confession Dates:
Monday October 23, from 6-9pm
Tuesday October 24, from 6-7pm
Wed October 25, from 6-7pm
Saturday, October 28, from 6-7pm

Spoken Word Performance:
Sunday, October 29, 2017 between 3-4pm