Geldwäsche: Research for the Bermuda Triangle

Regina Mamou and Lara Salmon

27.02.2019 7pm  - 9pm

February 27th 2019, SomoS presented “Research for the Bermuda Triangle” (RBT) with their one-night intervention/performance Geldwäsche.
This project launched their new line of soap, Geldwäsche, infused with the essences of exchange rates, or simply put, money. The unique Geldwäsche soap bars are an experience in self-washing, and while cleansing the skin, they celebrate, predict, and examine the mechanisms of currency pegging.

For those unfamiliar with the economic term ‘currency peg,’ this is a practice by which one currency is fixed to that of another currency. This policy is done to maintain economic stability, trade predictability, and to prevent hyperinflation: over sixty-six countries ‘peg’ their currency to the United States Dollar, and twenty-five to the Euro. The benefits and drawbacks of such an entwinement are complex, something that RBT would like to clarify through the cleansing properties of personal soap bars.

The two artists behind “Research for the Bermuda Triangle,” Regina Mamou and Lara Salmon, allowed the audience to experience their exceptionally rich product by exploring the health, beauty, informational, and sensational benefits of washing with money.

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Images courtesy Regina Mamou