Give Something Back to Berlin Fundraiser


A storytelling and fundraising dinner by Give Something Back to Berlin (in short GSBTB) at SomoS with food prepared by female Afghani refugees. The work of this engaged non-profit organization involves using the healing and integrative qualities of art in creative projects for female and child refugees still living in the Berlin Tempelhof refugee camp.

The Give Something Back to Berlin Fundraiser attracted a diverse and mixed group with guests such as Kimberly Emerson (board of directors of Human Rights Watch and wife of the US-American ambassador of Germany) and friends, and other supporters from Nike Sportswear’s Berlin office, SPD – AG Migration und Vielfalt Neukölln, Berliner Sparkasse, SWEA Berlin, Eva Herlitz from Buddy Bärs, and GSBTB volunteers and community members from all over the world.

Give Something Back To Berlin (GSBTB) is “a project platform and network facilitating neighborhood volunteer work for the growing group of non German-speakers. Its community of skilled volunteers from over 60 nationalities are active in vibrant projects and collaborations throughout the city. This engagement is challenging the current discourse in Germany between newly arrived and established communities; building positive outcomes.

GSBTB creates tools for community integration bringing “privileged” migrants, German locals and vulnerable groups such as refugees together. Through our extensive grassroots iniatives we create meeting points for communities that would otherwise naturally stay isolated from one another. This concrete “think global, act local” program showcases everyone’s capacity to contribute regardless of passport, status, language or time spent in the country.”

If you would like to support Give Something Back to Berlin’s important creative and social work, please visit their crowdfunding campaign page.

GSBTB Open Art Shelter Crowdfunding Campaign
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