Guillaume Kashima

Pictoplasma 2016


Working between Toulouse and Berlin, French artist Guillaume Kashima began as a graphic designer, then moved to the fields of illustration and is now working within a wide range of media such as illustration, graphic design, object or animation, prints or apps. His work is characterized by graphic color use and simplicity, as well as boldness and humor.

One of Guillaume Kashima’s preferred techniques is the risograph; a printing technique from the early 80’s situated between stencil and screen printing, where one color is printed at a time and a limited colour palette is used.

For the last 10 years, Kashima has participated in solo and group shows in Europe, such as Spätkauf Kunstaktion, Berlin; Pictoplasma, Character walk 2012; Dudua, Barcelona; Print Club, London; as well as at festivals, and alternative and unconventional art show formats. He worked on art project s and commissions for brands like Line, Viction:ary, Dudes Factory, Radio Campus Paris, Garorock or Têtu Magazine.

In the frame of the 2016 Pictoplasma Festival Character Walk, he presents his art works at SomoS in a Pictoplasma duo show together with Dutch artist Merijn Hos.