Guille Chipironet

Alter Angle #3 My Paper Sunglasses 2014

07.08.2014   - 21.08.2014

Guille Chipironet was born in Barcelona in 1983. He was brought up between Barcelona and La Pobla de Segur. An art student since 16 years old, he studied Industrial Design and later Fine Arts. Based in Berlin, he is working as a freelance photographer and designer, stating “I believe in the diversity of art, and I don’t make any compromise with it.”

In the Divinas Ellas (“All Saints”) series, presented in the third edition of SomoS’ Alter Angle exhibition exploring fashion and art in 2014, Guille Chipironet encourages all kinds of people, may they be friends, family or strangers, to express themselves freely in front of the camera, revealing the context creating effects of the nimbus.

Starting out with just a lamp and the intent to create a series of twelve photographs in allusion to the twelve apostles, the project quickly grew into a series of over 170 portraits. After posting the Divinas Ellas series on facebook, Chipironet’s work gained the attention of well-known magazines in Berlin.