Hanae Moreno

Swiss-based Painter

01.11.2018   - 30.04.2019

Hanae Moreno is a Swiss-based painter, focusing on portraits and the human form. Her oil-based work is marked by loose brushwork and an unsparing intimate psychological approach.

Moreno is interested in using art and portraiture to show the changing image of the individual in the era of the selfie. Her works contain surreal elements, meant to show a view of its subjects in a fluid state. Much of her work is oil-based, its loose brushwork and unsparing and intimate psychological approach is reminiscent of the work of painters such as Lucian Freud.

A recurring theme in Moreno’s work, as well as her upcoming exhibition, is the selfie and self-portrait colliding together in the digital age. Apps and photography seemingly diminish the classic art of portraiture, giving individuals the ability to airbrush, perfect, and twist themselves in a way that in a previous time, was reserved for artists.

The artist graduated form International School Geneva and obtained a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Bennington College, Vermont, where she also took part in the group show “Take Care” in May 2017.

Hanae Moreno has some experience in artist assisting. She had an internship at non-profit artist residency Triangle Arts Association, Brooklyn and worked as an artist assistant with Ken Butler and at Summer Wheat, Brooklyn. She has volunteered at the Healing Arts Initiative, Queens in 2015 and at non-profit community arts center Club Aspire, Los Angeles in 2012.

In addition to painting, Moreno is interested in music, meditation and biodynamic agriculture. She is taking part in SomoS’ Berlin Artist-in-Residence program from November 2018 to May 2019. Her work was presented at the Bodily group exhibition at SomoS art space, April 2019.