Hojun Song

“Future, Now.” participant Hojun Song’s (KR) art positions itself between fiction and contemporary science.

Hojun Song is based in Seoul (South Korea). His work has been recently shown at the Poznan Biennale (PL) (2014).
Situated half way between a real investment of resources and time and playful, fake scientific projects, his oeuvre includes several videos, animation, objects, merchandising, visual and administrative documentation and physical reliquies, creating a constellation of references that bring to mind the race to space and travels into the cosmos.

Hojun Song carries on an analysis on how we relate to and use contemporary technologies, not ultimately on how we understand them: by finding out new approaches to something that is very familiar, but whose function remains obscure to us, Song brings together scientific positivism, mechanical skepticism and digital knowledge to develop new narratives and human interactions.

Hojun Song’s work creates narratives and brings up questions by making absurd objects like Radiation jewellery and the Strongest Weapon in the World. Recently he launched his own small satellite. His satellite project spans from hardcore engineering to selling of T-shirts. By showing a series of works and their processes, Hojun Song likes to question some of the conventional thoughts on art, design and science and eventually, he shows how us to link those to issues in our daily lives.

Don’t Compress Me – Presentation SomoS, 11.3.15
Don’t Compress Me – Workshop SomoS, 14.3.15