Hybrid by Duller/Stippl at SAM

At Salon am Moritzplatz

09.05.2015   - 16.05.2015

From 9 – 16 May 2015, SomoS’ “micro-residents,” visual artists Anita Duller & Hannah Stippl (Vienna) present their exhibition “Hybrid” at the multifunctional Salon am Moritzplatz. The salon is situated in the building of the former Galerie am Moritzplatz in Berlin Kreuzberg which in the early 80’s presented artists like Rainer Fetting, Salomé and Helmut Middendorf.

The term “hybrid” refers to something bundled, crossed or an intermediate region, the deliberate mixing of distinct materials and sign systems, with unpredictable cultural, biological and ideological mobility. Anita Duller and Hannah Stippl (Duller/Stippl) combine painting and plants, hybrids in itself, to horticultural installations, supplemented by pop cultural artifacts. Hybrid ideas of nature, that is just no longer obvious, wishful thinking of paradisiacal nature. Duller/Stippl show a human-dominated, socially constituted, artificial, designed, arranged, killed or artificially alive held nature – in short: Techno nature. How to envision paradise? Especially the term hybrid refers not to the replacement of one state by another, but a connection in terms of double coding, meeting various systems, colliding and mutually relativizing each other in their claim of validity.

More information about their work under www.duller-stippl.net