Hybrid Design between Typography & Architecture

New SomoS resident artist Anna Laing-Fraser

01.02.2018   - 30.04.2018

SomoS is pleased to introduce designer Anna Laing-Fraser to its Artist-in-Residence program. She will join us February-April 2018 in Berlin to concentrate on new work that explores the relationship between typography and architecture.

Anna Laing-Fraser is a graphic designer and scenic film painter based out of Toronto, Canada as well as a graduate of the York University/ Sheridan College Program in Design. Through her digital-based studies and a career as an artist in the Canadian Film Industry, she has had the opportunity to investigate creativity through both malleable and technical means, thus believing compositions can benefit by the merging of the two components. She enjoys incorporating multimedia and whimsical elements into her projects as an approach to evoke a more fluid connection with the viewer. As an interest, she spends a great deal of time with typographic design and visual exploration.

Of her Berlin project Laing-Fraser states:

As a designer, I have always had a strong fascination with the relationship between typography and architecture. The grid like formation, similarities between structural elements (serifs and finials), even the impact both of these design disciplines have on our society.

Through the exploration of typography and architecture, I have a vision to design a typeface or a series of, that highlights the strong relationship between both crafts.
By combining themes of historical architecture, including that of Art Nouveau and/ or Japanese Minimalism with the form of various typographic styles, this project can make for a unique visual interpretation of what both disciplines share as a hybrid design.

Anna Laing-Fraser , Artist’s Statement


April 25th 2018, 6-9pm SomoS presents a print publication release, artist talk and work presentation by Anna Laing-Fraser.