Hypernatural Sounds #2: Unheard

Vorspiel Transmediale

01.02.2016 6pm  - 9pm

February 1st 2016 from 6 to 9 pm, SomoS presents the second edition of the HYPERNATURAL SERIES: THE PHILOSOPHY OF SOUNDS, “Unheard,” as part of the official “Vorspiel” series of Media-art events leading up to the Transmediale Festival.

“Unheard” is a paradoxical event, dealing with the theme of making audible the intangible and imperceptible processes, from organic rivers to data flowing. This is what the hypernatural series discusses: transformations of natural into art, digital into natural. On this occasion we will hear two exciting performances of hypernatural music: a.melodie and Marco Donnarumma, performing different transformations of otherwise unheard phenomena into sounds.

French artist a.melodie transforms plants’ electrical response into sounds, while Italian musician and researcher Marco uses self-made instruments to amplify the sounds of his own muscles.

After the performances we will open the floor for a panel discussion moderated by Desiree Förster with: Mélodie, Marco and the Paloma López & Leslie García from the Interspecifics Collective. Paloma and Leslie research transduction tools to feed the electric properties of bacteria into modular synthesizers.

The hypernatural series, curated by Pedro Lopes & Desiree Förster, aims at intersecting musicians and theorists into a framework of discussion and sharing with the audience, which includes current scientific and philosophic studies of non-human subjectivities, music & media theory, etc. More informations about “Unheard” at www./plopesmusic.org/hypernatural-sounds.

19h doors open
20h start, a.melodie, Marco Donnarumma
21h panel discussion joined by Interspecifics Collective and Desiree Förster

SomoS Gallery, Kottbusser Damm 95, 10967 Berlin

Artist Bios:

Marco Donnarumma

Marco Donnarumma is a performance artist, sound artist, musician and writer. He uses human bodies and machines as materials. Working with biophysical media, that is, biomedical technologies, sound devices, computer software, sensor and transducers, he creates artworks where human bodies and machines extend, transform or disrupt each other. He has received a number of awards, most notably the first prize in the Guthman New Musical Instrument Competition (Georgia Tech, US) for the system Marco will use at Hypernatural Sounds; the Cynetart Prize for Computer Based Art and the Transitio New Media Art Award, among others.


More Info: www.marcodonnarumma.com


a.melodie is the electronic music project of Mélodie Fenez. The project centers on the awareness of plant life and their communication to the outside world. a.melodie consists of self-made synthesizers that are then hooked up to an array of different plants. The plants, who have their own unique timber shape the sound of each oscillator. Because of physiological reactions, mainly due to their defensive system, the plants modulate the frequency they produce, creating an alive and ever morphing sound. On stage, a.melodie composes with the sounds produced and modulated live by the plants. Mélodie has performed at venues such as Café OTO (UK) and Casa da Música (PT).

More Info: www.a-melodie.com

Interspecifics Collective

Interspecifics is a project by Paloma López & Leslie García in which a a set of custom-built modular synthesizers creates a real-time sonification from the electric properties found in some bacteria. Conceptualized as a DIY interspecies system, the interface amplifies the microvoltage produced by these microorganisms transducing their oscillatory features into raw electronic signals tuning the internal clock of the whole system and producing an unexpected array of sound patterns. The object explores the relationship between waveforms, matter, and the physical form of frequencies. The project has been developed at Cimatics in Brussells, Todays Art in The Hague and Insomnia in Tromsø; and built while traveling using different fabrication laboratories across Europe.
More info: www.interspecifics.cc

HYPERNATURAL SERIES: THE PHILOSOPHY OF SOUNDS is a series curated by Pedro Lopes and Desiree Förster. This series brings together musicians and theorists for sharing with the audience the philosophy behind sound art and music.

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