Mother Tongue – Iman Person


05.05.2017 7pm  - 9pm

On Friday May 5th, 2017, SomoS presented “Mother Tongue,” a performance by American performance artist Iman Person that centers on primordial language carried out through a series of runes and the artist’s body. The piece invokes moments of latent understanding through gesture to create a space for the boundaries of language to fall away and become universal. Through this exploration of archetypal writing and poetry, Person challenges viewers to abandon their familiar dialects and move towards humanity’s innate need and ability to communicate.

Person’s work invokes a visceral connection to the urge and indeed the need to communicate—what can be said to distinguish humankind itself. But what about the physical and the body, how do these take part in oral and written communication? This performance at SomoS is the first leg of a larger European journey that will take Person to London and then on to Greece for a residency at the Ionian Center for Arts and Culture in Kefalonia.


About Iman Person:
Iman Person is an interdisciplinary visual artist and sculptor based in Atlanta, Georgia. Employing ritual consciousness, primordial memory and referencing anthropological customs, she employs natural materials to create a hybrid reality between physical space and the ethereal.

In 2010, Person obtained a B.F.A from Georgia State University and exhibited widely as well as working in public space. In 2012, she was included in Barbara Archer Gallery’s “Talent Loves Company,” and named one of the 30 most influential artists in Atlanta. She is a member of the Atlanta based collective “Dashboard Co-Op.” Fellowships she received include Hambidge (2011) and Walthall (2013-2014).

My work engages with the dichotomies of self-hood and magical consciousness through the ethereal lens of nature. I embed qualities of the feminine, memory and ritual through drawing, installation, and performance in order to mend the logical and mystical bodies, and incite exploration of these forgotten spaces. Through the mergence of these ideals, a resurrection of the contemporary divine-body can be achieved and in turn positively affect our new synthetic landscape.

Iman Person, Artist’s Statement


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