Ingrid Bittar


01.10.2015   - 17.10.2015

SomoS Artist in Residence Summer 2015, Ingrid Bittar, came to Berlin from her hometown Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, to work on her collages, and their subsequent presentation at SomoS.

Bittar’s detailed figurative collage work reflects on the formation of identity, family origins, domestic life, and migration. A longtime obsessive collector of vintage books and magazines, she employs imagery taken from the worlds of three generations: children, parents and grandparents. A cumulative, sometimes literally top-heavy crushing sense of heritage is a recurrent part of the baroque narrative of the artist’s collages.

At SomoS, Ingrid Bittar also further developed her “Mappings,” a series of collage/textile works which visually trace the lineage of her collages.

As the closing presentation of Ingrid’s Artist in Residence period at SomoS, Bittar took part in the Imprint duo collage exhibition (October 1-17, 2015). “Indexing artistic responses to the weight of cumulative history and cultural givens,” Imprint presented Bittar’s collages and mappings alongside those of another very talented young artist working in this field, David Woodward (Canada).

Ingrid Bittar (aka Britta) acquired a Bachelor’s Degree in Design from PUC-Rio in 2013 and complemented her artistic formation with courses at the School for Visual Arts Parque Lage.

In 2014 she was selected for Hans Ulrich Obrist’s and Simon Castets’s 89plus project held in Rio’s MoMA. That same year, her work became part of the Chateaubriand collection and a permanent part of Rio’s MoMA collection, having been included in two group shows at the museum; “New Acquisitions 2012 – 2014” and “Ver e Ser Visto”. In 2016 the Ingrid was nominated for the PIPA Prize.

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