Introducing New SomoS Artist-in-Residence Anaïs Hazo

multidisciplinary artist

01.04.2017   - 30.06.2017

SomoS is pleased to welcome Anaïs Hazo for a six months Berlin artist residency. The young multidisciplinary artist lives and works between Paris and New-York. Her techniques are drawing, photography, installation and prints. She publishes Fine Art prints and books; and works as freelance art director, fashion stylist, editor and lifestyle- and food consultant. Her work is marked by a poetic, highly observant sense of her direct surroundings. Hazo is currently preparing a contribution to a SomoS group show during the 19th 48 Stunden Neukoelln Festival, 23.6.-25.6.2017.

April 2017, Hazo joins SomoS to explore a very personal and intimate take on the concept of Gesamtkunstwerk, giving a new interpretation to the classic theme of “the artist’s studio.” This involves keen observation of the “greatness of little details; the awareness of how much design, of every sort, shapes our perception.” Following this observant attitude, the artist will allow her most immediate environment to be a soil for creation; playing, questioning, and organically transforming it as part of her creative process. “To me, eat, wear, and inhabit feel like the cornerstones of incarnation. And incarnation feels to me like the best word to describe what Gesamtkunstwerk is about: an artwork complete in itself, in which many manifestations of art blend together to disappear, and by this I mean, hopefully form a new world.”

By the end of the residency, Hazo will have created a series of pieces for the everyday life of an artist in her environment, focusing on what matters most in regards to the daily life: eat-wear-inhabit. These will be presented in situ at the end of the residency period alongside some in-space installations, demonstrating the simple but great effort of creating a living, as a global aesthetic experiment. Considering a show as a part of a wider cycle, she plans to give this work another reach by designing a book that documents the whole experience, and gives it all a different reading scale.
At the crossroads of research, manifesto and mere genuine creation, Hazo aims to build a whole world within (and with) the matrix of the studio.

The real world moves me so deeply sometimes. There is a sort of trance, when all the elements of something bigger happen to be perfectly arranged, the ensemble being all so smart, meaningful, and yet put together in such a simple way.
I believe in the concept of “justesse;” that genuine feeling when everything falls into place.
This magic always makes me wonder: do things matter more for their symbolic meaning, or for their realness? In art making, I question our materialist selves and look for ways to combine those two sides of reality – semantic and physical.
It was my first my love for garments that got me to question all of this. Then, my love for paper made me consider art pieces for their actual materiality, their object-ness, more than for their inherent artistic qualities. What makes a drawing/painting/picture good? I don’t know. What I know is, when I look at it, if I see something happening; and this is already worth so much.
So, I use my media and my mediums as documents, and vice-versa; for I consider the document itself as a piece of art. – To me, everything is a piece of art, really. My curse and enchantment: I try to avoid easy and trashy, but I sure am in conversation with both.

Anais Hazo, Artist’s Statement

Find out more about Anaïs Hazo at her artist page.

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