Artificial Landscapes and Human Interventions

Brazilian Multimedia Artist Mari Nagem Joins SomoS

03.03.2018   - 31.05.2018

SomoS is pleased to introduce visual artist Mari Nagem to its Artist-in-Residence program. She will join us from March until May 2018 in Berlin to concentrate on new work that explores her own interpretation of the cultural conditions surrounding our desire to be happy and the ways we strive to express that to other people in our day-to-day life or through social media.

Mari Nagem (b. Belo Horizonte, 1984) lives and works in São Paulo. As a multimedia artist, Mari Nagem works between mediums to produce installations, video and photography. Working between the real and the virtual, painstakingly selecting titles for her work, analyzing the relations between space and object, exploring bold colors, bright materials and visual effects, she aims to raise existential questions and explore them with lighthearted cynicism. Her current research explores the artificiality of landscapes and human interventions, investigating the transformations of the environment through technology and by capturing images using digital media.

The “appearance of happiness or Shiny Happy People” is my current project that aims to explore ironically the ideas of happiness constructed by the modern way of living. The “feeling” of happiness can vary according to culture, education and medication.

Happiness is a concept that has different constructions: it can be related to pleasure, justice, politics, basic needs, desire, rationality, etc. Socially speaking, there is the need to be happy, or at least show that we experience joy.

I will explore the “status” of happiness in a satirical way, using iridescent materials combined with light, video and audio effects.

Mari Nagem, SomoS Project Proposal


Mari Nagem joins SomoS in March of 2018 and a presentation of her work will take place at SomoS from 22–26 May 2018.