Introducing SomoS AIR Natusha Croes

Aruban artist Natusha Croes joins SomoS for three month residency


Somos is excited to welcome its latest Artist-In-Residence Natusha Croes, who has joined us from Aruba.

Natusha Croes
Natusha Croes

During her three month stay at SomoS, Natusha Croes is developing a new Berlin piece marrying unconventional music production, performance, poetics and storytelling through the interaction with inanimate objects found in her environment.

Visual artist/composer Hans Muller has described Natusha as “a great instant composer, performer and poet,” and sculptor/educator Maarten de Reus stated: “the works of Natusha Croes sprout from a great narrative talent, resulting in truly captivation works ranging from sculptures, paintings, radio-making, songs, poetry, to interactive performances.”

The artist will perform her newest performance created for and at SomoS at several occasions during her stay, notably on March 28th 2017, and at the end of April 2017. We can expect personal and poetic multi-media experiences that have the quality of placing the spectator in a receptive and otherworldly state of mind, into “the unconventional spaces where we would kindheartedly admit all the things we won’t say” as Croes has put it.

My Berlin performance will have at its center the assemblage of objects I will collect throughout my residency that will undergo metamorphosis. While also working digitally with the soundscapes of the city to reinvent its status in the space and the way it’s presented in contrast to the installation. Throughout the changing scape of the gathered objects and the rotations of the different soundscapes I aim to create a series of different performative methodologies that can have an interesting process, a moving scape of imagery and time based sonic sculptures activated through my interaction as a performer leading to an album of performative experiments.

Natusha Croes, Artist’s Statement
Natusha Croes
Natusha Croes

Natusha Croes homepage

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