Introducing New SomoS Artist-in-Residence Isabel Ramos

01.04.2017   - 30.06.2017

SomoS is happy to welcome visual artist Isabel Ramos (UK) to its Artist-in-Residence program. The young artist works across disciplines, employing and combining mediums such as video, VR, performance, choreography and installation. Ramos uses the body to explore its position and traces in our increasingly accelerating technological age. She develops solo projects as well as working as part of the UK based “Keiken Collective.”

Born in Oxford, UK 1994, Ramos obtained her BA Fine Art from Falmouth School of Art.

2015 she presented her performative solo project “Off a Page” at Mono, Falmouth (UK). She was invited to participate in the Midas Award Show (2016- 2017) at Newlyn Art Gallery, Newlyn.
Further group exhibitions took place at Inland Art Festival, Redruth (UK); Kunstverein am Rosa-Luxembourg-Platz, Berlin; and The Exchange, Penzance.

Ramos took part in several artist residencies, and since 2014 presented her performance work at several art spaces and festivals in the UK.

“Will you hold me or just watch?”

At SomoS, Ramos is working on an ambitious New-Media performative installation, titled “Will you hold me or just watch?,” which will be premiered in a SomoS group show during the 19th 48 Stunden Neukoelln Festival, 23.6.-25.6.2017.

Set in a dystopian surreal set featuring video, real bodies and fake bodies, the participatory piece will guide the viewer on a journey into an unconscious realm. Politically charged, the piece questions the tools used by neo-nationalists and far right groups, offering discriminatory fake connectivity. Participants are invited to explore and speculate on these dangerous and captured bodies. In our expanding webs of networks how is our desire for connectivity affected — what prescribes the future for the social mind?

A VR segment included in the installation creates a meta-narrative with various characters such as a mannequin and a nanorobot. The experience is concluded by a debate between all characters on the nature of our collective consciousness; finding out if they can work together against current modes of division to make a more compassionate society.

I aim to explore the resurgence and turmoil of the body in our accelerating technological age, in a society that favors individualism. It is important for this piece to have a polyphonic feel, therefore, conversation, exchange and a multitude of perspectives is a key process of research and development. In the process of the project I’d love to hold performative workshops/meetings which would invite discussion.

Isabel Ramos, Artist’s Statement


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