Iria do Castelo

Spanish Multi-Media Artist

01.09.2019   - 30.11.2019

Iria do Castelo designs her installations drawing from the hidden tensions and impulses of human’s psychology. She investigates the body and the unconscious perception that we have of it, materializing it into sculpture. Looking at eroticism as the very unique way to approach the physical limits and the animal condition of the human body, do Castelo creates perverse and chaotic settings in which sculpture draws on emotion rather than formal rules.

As the multi-media artist states,

I am interested in eroticism as it blurs the limits between what is allowed and what is forbidden, approaching with fascination the consciousness of death. It places us between the pulse of animality and the impossibility of fulfilling it. Emotions hidden between the animal and the human, where both conditions vanish, giving rise to something dark in that metamorphosis.

Iria do Castelo, Artist’s Statement


In 2012 do Castelo graduated with a Masters in Graphic Design from Fundación CIEC. A Coruña, Spain and is represented by galleries in Spain, Hong Kong and Melbourne. She has exhibited extensively in a number of solo shows, group exhibitions and art fairs internationally, and is currently undertaking an Artist In Residency at SomoS. Her work has been featured at MAC Contemporary Art Museum in Coruña, Spain, and she has participated in Art Madrid, Swab Art Fair Barcelona and Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong.

At SomoS, Iria do Castelo collaborated with media artist Ramses Salas for the first time to create the interactive installation Juliette, exclusively for the October 2019 Un_Real Desires exhibition. The piece incorporates a physical sculpture and a virtual interactive component, modifiable by the viewer it through movement. It suggests how humans could follow the impulse of the ecstatic, erotic and the sacred that are suppressed by the demands of society. The artists aim to show a way to access “the violence of excessive enjoyment, to transgress the limits of a mediocre reality” in an abstracted, Batailian work, both delicate and frightening, sensuous and rich in associations.

During her residency at SomoS, Iria do Castelo uses a narrative approach for an immersive and multidisciplinary final project, in which the viewer is expected to take an active part. Working with graphite on paper, video and assemblages, she will give shape to a multi-media theatrical space to further develop her research on the relationship between spectacle and spectator.
December 7th and 8th 2019, do Castelo will host the Fantastic Beings: Body Sculpting & Assemblage Workshop at SomoS, based on her extraordinary sculptural method.

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