J.Jackie Baier’s JULIA


SomoS congratulates J.Jackie Baier with the German premiere of her lauded documentary film “JULIA” January 8th 2015.

The gripping documentary was first shown 2013 at the 70th Venice International Film-festival (in the section “Giornate degli Autori – Venice Days”), followed by screenings at festivals in Mexico, Australia, Brazil, Greece, Israel, Portugal, Sweden, Lithuania, Rumania, Italy, Finland, Slovenia and Russia; along the way winning a Special Mention and five Best Documentary awards, and met with instant enthusiasm and broad media interest, E. Nina Rothe of the Huffington Post eloquently remarking how “the true brilliance of Julia lies in making “the Other” accessible, exploring our differences, so that we may celebrate them instead of punishing each other.”

J.Jackie Baier has been producing art photography since the mid 90’s, amassing an impressive oeuvre of rough and poetic images, a “broken mirror” of queer and transsexual life and Berlin’s musical and sexual undergrounds.
Baier has followed and documented the life of Julia for over ten years, her work as transsexual streetwalker, outlaw and nonconformist in Berlin. Julia has finished high school with distinction and finished an art education at Klaipeda Art Academy in Lithuania, still painting water colors in her free time.

Some of J.Jackie Baier’s most inventive and touching art photography portrays Julia and her colleagues. Baier has presented her work in cooperations with SomoS’ curators since many years, notably in her solo show “Nocturnes” and the Berlin Month of Photography 2010 group show “Streeple” (both at the forerunner of SomoS, named Kunstraum Richard Sorge). Baier’s Julia Portfolio was presented 2013 as part of Rule 34.


  • Mencion Especial “Premio Maguey” 29. FICG (Festival Interbacional de Cine en Guadalajara / Mx) 2014BEST DOCUMENTARY Outview International LGBT Film Festival, Athens / Greece 2014
  • BEST DOCUMENTARY Queer Lisboa 18, Lisbon / Portugal 2014
  • BEST DOCUMENTARY Side-by-Side Int. LGBT Film Festival St.Petersburg / Russian Federation – International Jury, 2014
  • BEST DOCUMENTARY Side-by-Side Int. LGBT Film Festival St.Petersburg / Russian Federation – Jury of the Russian Press, 2014

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