Jacob Antony

Multidisciplinary Artist, Australia

01.12.2018   - 28.02.2019

Jacob Antony was an artist from Brisbane, Australia; whose work evoked the themes of queer-, gender- and identity politics, incorporating an explorative sensibility to art-making, in both digital and analog forms.

Antony’s work applied a wide array of techniques, including installation, photography, multimedia imagery and text, testing a material’s formal qualities and possibilities while challenging social and gender norms.

In an artistic process of gendering and un-gendering that focuses on fluidity, rather than rigid duality, Antony’s own body was often used as both subject and material, through a conceptual approach of “peeling away body identity and neutralizing it.” Applying motifs from erotic and traditionally gendered clothing, he created and celebrated fluid expressions of gender symbols and sexual desires.

As the artist stated:

My body is subject to gender ambiguity and the androgyny of adolescence, and I use this body as a grounds to articulate a vulnerability in masculinity and femininity, and explore how these roles can be played out in dualism, to create expressions of beauty, that subvert heteronormative views on gender.

Jacob Antony, Artist’s Statement


Antony held a BFA (Visual Arts) from Queensland University of Technology, Australia. He had taken part in the group exhibitions Vibrant Laneways at King George Square Underground Gallery, Nov 2016 – Jan 2017, #PRIZENOPRIZE, The Walls Arts Space Gold Coast, 2016, and Now What?, (BFA Graduate Exhibition) at Creative Industries Precinct, 2016.

Winter 2018-2019, Jacob spent 3 months in Berlin taking part in SomoS’ Berlin Artist-in-Residence program, involving artistic research and developing a new performance piece titled Wild Lion, which was presented March 29th 2019 at SomoS exhibition space.