Japanese Kitchen with Yuko Kihila of En.Gawa

Japanese Cooking / Tea Tasting Workshops

18.06.2016 3pm  - 8.30pm

Yuko Kihila is the proprietor of En*Gawa, a gastronomical gem, tucked away in the mountains surrounding the city of Osaka in Japan. Here she developed a menu that favors seasonal local ingredients and reinvigorates classical Japanese home-style cooking. This hearty and healthy style of cooking is unknown to many outside of Japan, but in reality, Japanese cuisine encompasses so much more than sushi and tempura dishes that are not daily meals in Japan anyways.

Yuko invites us all to explore her rustic Japanese cooking methods with her. For one day only, Yuko brings her expertise in Japanese ingredients and skills in the kitchen to SomoS Art House.

En*GawaJapanese Cooking Workshop


Two opportunities to get inspired by the uncommon side of Japanese cuisine will be offered by Yuko on June 18th, 2016:

From 3-4.30pm come learn about the variety of teas that come from Japan. Of course the mythical depths of ‘matcha’ or green tea will be explored, but there will also be a chance to pour over the subtle differences with other strains of Japanese teas such as a personal favorite ‘mugicha’ or barley tea, which can be enjoyed hot or cold, as well as refreshing blends like the flowery sakura tea which comes from cherry blossoms. These will be accompanied by a set of traditional Japanese sweets and confections.

At 6pm, Yuko invites a small group of participants to learn the art of preparing healthy home-style dishes together in the well-equipped open plan kitchen at the SomoS salon social space. The demonstration-style cooking will cover a range of delicious dishes from Japan from regional soups to onigiri rice balls, tofu salads, pickled vegetables, and ‘karaage’ or Japanese style fried chicken with pork and potatoes in a sweet soy broth. This culinary adventure will be topped off with an ice cream dessert and accompanied throughout by Japanese tea. Participants will learn how to prepare these unique and welcoming Japanese home-style dishes using ingredients that are available locally in Berlin. They will also receive a recipe guide so they can recreate them at home and a souvenir from Japan to commemorate the experience.

Registration Required in Advance — Spaces Limited
Please e-mail somos@nullsomos-arts.org with the subject line: Japanese Kitchen
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Japanese Cooking Workhop

More details about Menu and Pricing:

Tea menu 30 euros
Dinner menu 50 euros
Special Price for Both: 70 euros

1.5 hrs, (3-4.30pm)
price: 30 eur/pp
green tea
roasted brown tea
green tea with puffed brown rice
sakura tea
wheat tea
+ traditional Japanese sweets

2.5 hrs (6-8.30pm)
including demonstration cooking, take-home recipe, and Japanese souvenir
price: 50 eur/pp
seasonal soup
onigiri rice balls(v)
creamed tofu salad(v)
quick pickles(v)
deep fried chicken and/or potato and pork in sweet soy broth
ice cream
japanese tea(v)

Number of Participants: Max. 10 people

Yuko Kihira


Yuko was born in the beautiful countryside of ‘Honshu,’ the main island of Japan, where she was accustomed to seeing deer and wild boars roaming that landscape. Deciding to pursue a culinary career to take advantage of the resplendent nature she experienced growing up, Yuko ventured to London to study at Le Cordon Bleu culinary academy in London. Here she mastered the art of gourmet cuisine and also perfected her pastry skills while working for the famous Claridge’s hotel.

Her inquisitive nature and desire to broaden her culinary horizons led her to the island nation of Malta where she furthered her experience working in Japanese fine dining and as a head pastry chef. After five years, she returned to her native Japan to open her own establishment En*Gawa in the spring of 2014.

She has a passion for introducing people to all aspects of Japanese culture. She loves to teach people about the local cuisine from her region and to broaden people’s palettes by arranging her menus to incorporate home-style dishes that are a friendly and familiar sight in many Japanese homes but are unusual to find outside of Japan.

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