Jasko Begovic – Future is Watching

Craftism Solo exhibition

20.02.2016   - 21.02.2016

20 + 21 February 2016 SomoS again presented a short Jasko Begovic exhibition and workshop; at the end of his Artist-in-Residency, employing fabrics and inspirations that Jasko has gathered on his recent journeys through India.

Jasko Begovic is an artist whose life has been marked by boundaries, and yet his art is defined by the lack of them. Born in Bosnia, former Yugoslavia, in 1980, his childhood was divided when the war began in 1991. After a civilian exchange he escaped with his family to Croatia and later Germany, before immigrating to the United States. He moved from Kentucky to Tennessee to San Jose. However, it was not until Berkeley, when he was 20-years-old, that he began to produce original, provocative paintings, later followed by craft works. His art shows the inhumane violence that destroyed his family and homeland, and aims to have no rules, and no limits.