Jazmine Yerbury

new media artist

01.10.2017   - 31.12.2017

An artist who has made a transition from traditional media to new media, Jazmine Yerbury is interested in participatory interactions, robotics, and the philosophical and psychological dimensions of our sense of self. Her background in painting continues to inform her current practice, which is experimental and DIY in nature.

Born in Montreal, Quebec, she has worked independently as an art consultant and as a curator-assistant at several galleries in Montreal, including AGAC (Association de Galleries d’Art du Canada), Galerie Modulum, Arsenal Contemporary, and at the OCADU Graduate Gallery.

Yerbury has a BFA with a specialization in painting and drawing from Concordia University and an MFA from OCAD University, in the Digital Futures program. She is currently living and working in Toronto.

Her work encompasses painting, drawing, contemporary technologies, transmedia, multimedia installation, political cartoons, political satire, portraiture.

Her exhibitions include the group show “Oppression Aesthetics” at VAV Gallery, 2015; and the solo exhibition “Let’s Change Together.”

As SomoS Artist-in-Residence, Yerbury presents two participatory video installations for the Mutable Self group exhibition, exploring the fluent nature of our sense of self and the performativity of self-presentation.

Two and a half years ago, I discovered the joy of building electronic circuits. That curiosity lead to building circuits with sensors, and eventually to arduinos and physical computing. My background is in traditional visual arts, tactile mediums like paint and clay or wood. I believe that is why, even as I shifted from analog or traditional arts to digital or new media I held on to that tactile aspect of the artwork. Much of the work I do now is based in physical computing, with interaction from the participants with a tangible interface that elicits touch, and spending time ‘getting to know’ the piece. The works include behind-the-scenes systems of logic made in computer programs like processing, arduino and MaxMSP. The focus of these encounters is to create new kinds of interaction, ones that are unexpected, possibly delightful or repulsive- yet engaging. I am curious to see the different ways people will interpret the purpose of the object or creature and behave accordingly. I believe that each person has their own preconceived ideas of what the interactive objects are, and how they should react or behave, all based on learned experiences and their individual socio-cultural backgrounds.

Jazmine Yerbury, Artist’s Statement


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