Jillian Lauren Goodwin

Installation/Video Artist, Authentic Movement Dancer and Creative Arts Therapist

01.07.2019   - 31.07.2019

Jillian Lauren Goodwin is an installation and video artist, authentic movement dancer, and creative arts therapist based in Brooklyn, New York. Aware of how the body processes creativity and imagination, she engages in a hands-on and engaged critique of the barriers created by modern systems.

The unique dynamics of community are a core inspiration of Goodwin’s artistic work. She witnesses the flow of a group and energy of a location and communicates it to the audience by engaging with a variety of media such as video, installation, workshops, and performance. The final output of this ‘ever-shifting’ process, as the artist defines it, is unpredictable, but it remains a reflection of the space and time in which it is created, embodying the current collective.

About her long-term project Goodwin states:

My work’s approach stems from the humanistic stream with an aim to move beyond the limited boundaries of the ego to create new pathways of understanding, to co-construct questions of ethics, empathy, and imagination that include the nuanced fragilities of our shared stories.

With each opportunity it becomes clearer that this artistic process can provide a source of healing or an opportunity for communities, participants, artists, and witnesses to unearth the things they are looking for and some that they didn’t know they needed. Every location and community this ever-shifting process has been adapted for has in return enhanced this practice, making its purpose more defined and its value felt.

Jillian Lauren Goodwin, Artist’s Statement


She views her residency at SomoS as both an unfamiliar space to explore and a new community in which to continue her research and believes the changes of our time contain great challenges calling for new forms of knowledge and expression to strengthen the fibers of our social contract.

A female ballet dancer reaching one arm up, holding a mirror.
Jillian Goodwin – On a Bed of Spiderwebs, performed during a 1-month residency at Arts, Letters and Numbers, NY

After acquiring a BA from New York University in Art History, Psychology, and Studio Art, Jillian earned her Masters of Professional Studies in Creativity Development and Art Therapy from Pratt Institute. She co-created and managed the first mental health program at University Settlement’s Children’s Corner in Brownsville, Brooklyn where she treated youth, ages two to four, through group and individualized play, dance, and art therapy. She co-created the first mental health program at The League’s Education and Treatment Center’s LAND Gallery, a studio and gallery space for adults with developmental delays; and she has worked in the inpatient acute psychiatric unit at NYU’s Langone Medical Center. She also worked as Director of Development at RxArt, a nonprofit organization that transforms sterile healthcare environments by commissioning contemporary artists to create site-specific installations.

As a ballet dancer, Jillian Lauren Goodwin has performed at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, with The Miami City Ballet under the tutelage of Edward Villella and trained with The Boston Ballet.

She performed in the 2017 Guggenheim’s Young Collectors Party with Quenton Stuckey. Goodwin also performs with contemporary dance company FlucT+ at The Lever House in Upward Facing Control Table Top curated by Maccarone Gallery, Studio 94 and Performa; and in Secret Project Robot for Model Home, a performance art installation created by Monica Mirabile. The artist has performed and continues to work with choreographer Sigrid Lauren in pieces including Nike Dead Daddy Dog at Wild Project, and in The Spring Break Art Show in partnership with Kickstarter and Current Sessions at Skylight Moyinhan Station. She choreographed and performed work in curator Sarah Kinlaw’s Living Library and has choreographed and performed in the piece Duality with Uta Bekaia in Susan Bartsch’s Art-A-Porter at Chashama.

Goodwin has designed and built large-scale installations for Output, Paperbox, Glasslands and at Pioneer Works in December, 2018.

She was Otion Front Studio’s September 2016 Artist-in-Residence, a resident artist at BUOYRR Summer 2017, and Artist-in-Residence at Arts, Letters, and Numbers, October 2018. She will also be attending as Artist-in-Residence at Art and Culture Today’s: IMAGO in Bulgaria in October 2019.

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