Joanna Szproch

07.08.2014   - 21.08.2014

Joanna Szproch was born in Warsaw, Poland, in 1979. After graduating from the Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz with a Artist’s Master Degree in 2004, she immediately began to work as a photo assistant in Warsaw and quickly excelled in portrait and fashion photography. The pursuit of her art brought her to Berlin’s eclectic and exciting fashion and arts scene, inspiring her to move there.

About Joanna Szproch’s work

In her work with female models, Joanna Szprochs strives to reach the perfect balance between the prudish and the vulgar, the intellectual and the bodily, the form and the meaning. Her playful use of lighting and colors as well as allowing bursts of spontaneity during the shoots act as a counterpoise to her meticulous preparation. In carefully chosen locations and situations, Szproch brings out the individuality of each of her models, treating their right to express their sensuality with the utmost respect. The erotic atmosphere of her photographs thrives on a sense of raw authenticity contained in the perfect arrangement.