Josip Horvat

Unclean My Paper Sunglasses

07.08.2014   - 21.08.2014

Josip Horvat obtained a MA in Animation and New Media and a BA in Art Education at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb, and gained a curatorial license Curatorial Platform Zagreb. Before that he won a CEEPUS scholarship at the  Department of Visual Communication-Design at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana.

Horvat’s performances and installations have been presented in Zagreb, Belgrade, Sarajevo, Berlin and London.

In his performance and film presented as part of SomoS’ Unclean project, Horvat occupies himself with the gender identity of men, with a focus on gay men in Croatia, specifically with violence in same-sex relationships, citing Georges Bataille, “Suffering alone reveals the total significance of the beloved object. Possession of the beloved object does not imply death, but the idea of death is linked with the urge to possess.” Using performance to reenact symbolically and therapeutically past painful experience, Horvat invited the audience to take control of him.


Born: 03.12.1987. Celje (Slovenia)


2009 – 2011 // University in Zagreb Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb (MA) Master degree in Animation and New Media

2009 // Received a Commendation from the Dean of the Academy for successful work during my BA studies

2006 – 2009 // University in Zagreb (BA) Bachelor degree in Art Education (integrated study of Fine Arts at t the Academy of Fine Arts Zagreb and Art History at the Philosophic Faculty in Zagreb)

Additional Education

2013-2014 // Gaining a curatorial licence after the training by Kustoska Platforma Zagreb (Curatorial Platform Zagreb)

2010 // Participates in art curatorial project Zagreb-London Research

2008 // University in Ljubljana Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana CEEPUS scholarship winner on Department of Visual Communication-Design (a combination of marketing, video and design)

2008 // Workshop participant with the British art collective Sprout and Nicole Hewitt


2007 // Festival Seven Days of Creation, Pazin / Shattered December, installation

2007 // Festival Kiborgezije, Zagreb / Back from the Future , installation

2008 // Project Under Construction: Staging the Future-Sprout; Gallery SC, Zagreb / The Book of Dead, artbook and public action

2008 // ALUdiranje, group exhibition; Gallery VN, Zagreb Queer Festival / Yozsa’s Corrected History of Art, installation and project

2008 // Shadow Casters – logging town, time recording; Galurija Gallery (street action and exhibition) / Zagreb Story map Tratinska 52

2009 // TEST!-festival of student theatre and multimedia, Zagreb / Write to me when I die!, interactive installation

2009 // Festival Aprilski susreti (April Meetings) , SKC,Belgrade (Serbia) / Listen, interactive performance

2009 // Interference, group exhibition; Galerija Prozori, Zagreb / Bookmark my language, installation

2009 // Opening of Močvara; Močvara Gallery Zagreb / Passionsound, installation

2009 // Ars Nocturna I, group exhibition; Circus Gallery, Belgrade(Serbia) / Pozoj, digital prints

2009 // Festival Vizura Aperta, Momjan / Music whishlist, interactive installation

2009 // The X.triennale of Croatian Sculpturing / Consumers Basket of Knowledge, sculpture/installation

2009 // Perforations-Week of Live Art, SC (Student Centre) , Zagreb / Sixth step, performance

2010 // AKC Medika, Zagreb / Homage to Fluxus, performance in collaboration with Nikolina Butorac

2010 // Project Artikulacije; VN Gallery, Zagreb / Fluxus Numerology &Geography, performances with Nikolina Butorac ; It Was Not Me, videoperformance

2010 // Zagreb / London research project, exhibition-research; The Cass, London / Installation No Name, in collaboration with Henry Mullhal

2010, 2013 // Queer Zagreb Festival, Jedinstvo, Zagreb / Corpo-illicito(2010); Corpo Insurrecto 3.0: The Robo – Proletariat,(2013), performance in collaboration with performance group La Poche Nostra

2010 // Izgubljena Fox, group exhibition; Gallery Miroslav Kraljevic, Zagreb / Behavior Stalking, performance

2010 // Dujmić, Horvat, Vitas, group exhibition; Jedinstvo, Zagreb / Portrait, video installation

2010 // Project Identities; Gallery SC, Zagreb / Red Boots, performance; My laundry, installation

2010 // Perforations – Week of Live Art, Zagreb-Rijeka-Dubrovnik / The Green tour; curating of a part of the festival

2011 // Phantasmagoria; Meanwhile In… Finchley Road, London / When I grow (part 5) , video

2013 // Ganz Novi Ganz Ganz Novi Festival, Zagreb/ Night Visions, 2 week residential programme and group multimedia performance in collaboration with 7 artist

2013 // Task 14, Pogon Jedinstvo, Zagreb /Spacetime, video and drawings, participating in an international collaboration between visual artist and choreographers

2014 // 31st Dance Week Festival, Theatre &TD, Zagreb / Der Bau, preview of the play choreographed by Isabelle Schad

2014 // Project Unclean, SomosArt Gallery, Berlin / Let Him Out, performance and video screenings

Solo Exhibitions / Projects

2009 // Gallery Circle, Belgrade (Serbia) / In front of his eyes, solo exhibition, prints

2009 // 10 hours; performance at the Main Railway Station Zagreb

2010 – 2012 // TEST! – Festival of Student Theater and Multimedia, Zagreb / selection and curating of Mmprogramme, organisation of the festival

2011 // Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb – Department of New media / When I Grow…, presentation and public discussion on my one year research in performance, space, gender and documentation of performance

2011// Catching the Beak, VN Gallery, Zagreb / Video installation

2012 / 2013 // Performance Inkubator – project, Zagreb / in association with Perforacije – Festival of the Performing Artists and AKC Medika

2013 // Ganz Novi Ganz Ganz Novi Festival, Zagreb / Talks With Upcoming Video Artist, presentation of my work and solo performance

2013 // T kao tijelo(B is for Body) – Ines Kotarac, Siva galerija – AKC Medika, Zagreb; Galerija Garbas, Rijeka; Art House Kriterion, Sarajevo; Matera Mesto, Novi Sad / Curating, organizing and writing of the review for the exhibition