J.Jackie Baier – Julia Film Reception

Julia Berlin Film Premiere Reception

24.10.2013 8.30pm  - 11pm

The reception at SomoS takes place after the Berlin premiere of J.Jackie Baier’s new documentary Julia at the Pornfilmfestival at Moviemento Cinema, opposite SomoS.

Julia was premiered at the Giorni Degli Autori/Venice Days August 31, 2013 and met with instant enthusiasm and broad media interest, E. Nina Rothe of the Huffington Post eloquently remarking how “the true brilliance of Julia lies in making “the Other” accessible, exploring our differences, so that we may celebrate them instead of punishing each other.”

Apart from meeting the artist, this evening allows for a closer look at J.Jackie Baier’s photographic oeuvre, specifically her “Julia Portfolio” and related works (part of SomoS’s Rule 34 exhibition).

J.Jackie Baier has been producing art photography since the mid 90’s, amassing an impressive oeuvre of rough and poetic images, a “broken mirror” of queer and transsexual life and Berlin’s musical and sexual underground.

The artist has taken part in the seminal Sexwork exhibition at the NGBK Berlin, exhibited at Warehouse9, Copenhagen and had a one-woman show at Kunstraum Richard Sorge, Berlin.