Kama Sokolnicka

multidisciplinary conceptual artist

01.04.2017   - 30.06.2017

SomoS Artist-in-Residence Spring 2017, visual artist Kama Sokolnicka was born 1978 in Wroclaw, Poland. She works in painting, drawing, collage, video, books, and site-specific installations.

Poetically incorporating various fields of reference in her work, ranging from cosmology to philosophy and sociological syndromes, Sokolnicka’s conceptual metaphysical approach makes use of the principles of collage and montage, resulting in sober and evocative juxtapositions.

Often colorless, either starkly black or built from hues of grays, Sokolnicka’s work is inhabited by a sense of undercooled, measured melancholy and alienation. As French art critic Septembre Tiberghien, noted in her 2013 essay “An Aesthetic of Alienation,” the artist “collects objects as if they were precious artifacts of a very recent past. She thus forms an archeology of our modern civilization, interpreting in her own way the use of these objects after a brand new score.”

Kama Sokolnicka graduated in 2003 from the graphic arts faculty at Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław, Poland. She enjoyed artistic residencies at La Malterie, Lille (2013), OMI, New York (2013), Künstlerhaus Bethanien (2016) and SomoS (2017). She received a grant of the Ministry of Culture & National Heritage, Poland. Her work can be found in the collections of the Museum of Art, Łódź and Ujazdowski Castle CCA, Warsaw.

She presented her work in solo exhibitions at institutions and galleries such as the Polish Institute, Düsseldorf; Progress Gallery, Paris; MWW Contemporary Museum Wrocław; Museum of Architecture, Wrocław, and took part in group shows at Haus am Lützowplatz, Berlin, Ludwig Museum, Budapest; Kunstmuseum Bochum; Museum of Modern Art, Warszawa; Beit Ha’ir, Tel Aviv; Liverpool Biennial (among others). At the end of her residency at SomoS, Sokolnicka will present an overview of her current work and intellectual preoccupations, as well as publish a book documenting her recent work in Berlin.

My work plays with the in-between and the too shallow certainties; searching for non-duality between past and present tense, individual memory and collective memory, biography and history, words and things, between experience and socially coated expectations.

In my work, I aim to overcome the notion of “disappointment” implicit in postmodernism; questioning on a visual plane the permanence and fall of the myths of progress and conquest.

Postmodernism as the age of ironic and individual detachment faces the end of the great unifying narratives of modernity. Such a drifting observation point (of view) encourages to analyze, sometimes in a playful way, what we remember, what we can see and what we choose to delete, lost in the folds and amnesia of history, in recesses of erudition, in stereotypes and socio-economic and cultural automatisms of today.

Kama Sokolnicka, Artist’s Statement


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