Kang Dasom

South Korea 1994, painter, sculptor

01.01.2018   - 31.01.2018

Kang Dasom, born 1994 in South Korea, works in painting and sculpture. The fundamental theme of her work is the desire for the dignity of life. In her view, technocratic modern life, which places capital and productivity in the center of all values, has become universal and has resulted in the loss of humanity, and a trend that ignores and neglects the value of life. Among the frequent negative phenomena, Kang Dasom became especially interested in animal abuse as a theme for her work.

Kang was educated at Changwon National University (03.2012~02.2017) an will visit Changwon Graduate School from Spring 2017. She joins SomoS January 2018 as part of a new Korean residency exchange cooperation between Keum Art Projects (Berlin), the Changwon University in South Korea, and SomoS Art House, Berlin.

Of her work in Berlin, Kang states:

While studying and scrapping articles about animal abuse, I have come across an article on the depression of companion animals. The trend of an increasing number of people with companion animals is a phenomenon due to the change of family systems to single-family. Since I have a companion animal and I realized the big meaning of a small life, also experienced producing and selling accessories for companion animals, the article caught my attention. Before I think about the dignity of life for animals in the world, I thought that I should know how to respect the life at my side, so I started working on the theme of depression of companion animals.

To soothe loneliness, people adopt dogs or cats, but since people are too busy, these companion animals are often left alone for a long time. What’s worse is, even when their owners spend time with their companion animals, their eyes are focused on smart phones, another problem of modern society.

The sculpture and painting both speak of the use of smart phones and companion animals. In the sculptures, I’m trying to convey the smartphone that’s always found on our hands and the gaze of someone who is looking at it; whereas in the painting, I focus on the “the whole of the world and a part of the world.” Through these works, I am trying to convey a critical consciousness towards these social phenomena.

Kang Dasom, Artist’s Statement