Kang Jungsuck

visual artist, curator, researcher

01.11.2017   - 31.12.2017

Kang Jungsuck (b. 1984 Korea) received his B.F.A. in Fine Arts from Korea National University of Arts. He has held solo exhibitions at DOOSAN Gallery Seoul (2016, Seoul, Korea), Insa Art Space (2014, Seoul, Korea) and Seoul Art Space Seogyo (2013, Seoul, Korea). He has also participated in group exhibitions at venues that include HITE Collection (2017, Seoul, Korea), Ilmin Museum of Art (2015, Seoul, Korea), Nowhere (2015, Seoul, Korea), 800/40 (2015, Seoul, Korea), Trading Post (2014, Seoul, Korea), Audio Visual Pavilion (2014, Seoul, Korea). He curated and organized various events such as Exhibition After School McDonald~Mosquito and Cheese Burger~ (2016, Pia★After), Dungeons (multiple venues, 2015), Goods 2015 (Sejong Art Center, 2015), and Video Relay TAANSAN (multiple venues, 2012-2016), while serving as a chief editor of ‘MAGAZINE’ since 2016, an independent game magazine. In 2017, Art Review magazine named Kang as one of Future’s Greats.

I’m interested in the fact that video games inherently share the same matrix on which the Internet and personal computers were initially conceived. I understand how the growth of the game industry accelerated the development of computer hardware and made the vision of digital culture familiar to the public. One of my main research subjects is the Impact of the video game industry on culture throughout South Korea (especially in the context of globalization from 1997 to 2000s). The subway advertising panels of Korea’s capital, Seoul, are full of online/mobile games, and K-pop ads; they share common aesthetics while influencing each other’s industry. In many cases, Korean people talk about politics, life and labor issues through a vocabulary derived from video game culture. In the era of decelerating capitalism, I am an artist who has an interest in capturing various game-like realities in my society.

Kang Jungsuck, Artist’s Statement


November/December 2017, Kang Jungsuck will spend time at SomoS researching a new exhibition project he is planning in Seoul.

Links to video works:
GAME I: Speedrun Any% PB

Simulating Surface A/B
Simulating Surface A/B